June 26 - 30, 2004
Saturday to Wednesday
Seattle, Washington, USA




MSA - Military and Security Applications of Evolutionary Computation


Genetic algorithms for UGV navigation, sniper fire localization, and unit of action fuel distribution



Talib Hussain
David Montana
Marshall Brinn
Daniel Cerys



BBN Technologies is applying genetic algorithms (GAs) to create state-of-the-art solutions in three different military applications. For the navigation of multiple unmanned ground vehicles, we apply a GA to determine vehicle paths that accomplish a set of mission goals. The GA incorporates domain-specific operators that make changes based on good tactics, and it evaluates the quality of the paths against multiple tactical criteria. In the Boomerang project, we apply a GA to identify the source of sniper fire in real-time. The system is currently being deployed in Iraq on military HMMVVs. To distribute fuel to the combat vehicles within a Future Combat Systems Unit of Action (UA), we apply a GA as an agent within a larger agent system that forecasts fuel demand over a 72-hour period. The GA agent schedules a fleet of refueling trucks to deliver fuel directly to the combat vehicles at the times and locations requested.




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