June 26 - 30, 2004
Saturday to Wednesday
Seattle, Washington, USA




OBUPM - Optimization by Building and Using Probabilistic Models


Efficiency Enhancement of Probabilistic Model Building Genetic Algorithms



Kumara Sastry
David E. Goldberg
Martin Pelikan



This paper presents two different efficiency-enhancement techniques for probabilistic model building genetic algorithms. The first technique proposes the use of a mutation operator which performs local search in the sub-solution neighborhood identified through the probabilistic model. The second technique proposes building and using an internal probabilistic model of the fitness along with the probabilistic model of variable interactions. The fitness values of some offspring are estimated using the probabilistic model, thereby avoiding computationally expensive function evaluations. The scalability of the aforementioned techniques are analyzed using facetwise models for convergence time and population sizing. The speed-up obtained by each of the methods is predicted and verified with empirical results. The results show that for additively separable problems the competent mutation operator requires O(k^0.5 log(m))---where, k, is the building-block size, and, m, is the number of building blocks---less function evaluations than its selectorecombinative counterpart. The results also show that the use of an internal probabilistic fitness model reduces the required number of function evaluations to as low as 1-10% and yields a speed-up of 2-50.




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