Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Muhammad Arif Syed Hamid

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Milan Gocic, Shervin Motamedi, Shahaboddin Shamshirband, Dalibor Petkovic, Sudheer Ch, Roslan Hashim, Shams Kalam, Arshad Raza, Najeebullah Lashari, Mohamed Mahmoud, Ahmed Kattan, Shaheen Fatima, Johny Mouallem, Guenther Glatz,

Genetic Programming Articles by Muhammad Arif Syed Hamid

  1. Johny Mouallem and Arshad Raza and Guenther Glatz and Mohamed Mahmoud and Muhammad Arif. Estimation of CO2-Brine interfacial tension using Machine Learning: Implications for CO2 geo-storage. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 393:123672, 2024. details

  2. Shams Kalam and Muhammad Arif and Arshad Raza and Najeebullah Lashari and Mohamed Mahmoud. Data-driven modeling to predict adsorption of hydrogen on shale kerogen: Implication for underground hydrogen storage. International Journal of Coal Geology, 280:104386, 2023. details

  3. Ahmed Kattan and Shaheen Fatima and Muhammad Arif. Time-series event-based prediction: An unsupervised learning framework based on genetic programming. Information Sciences, 301:99-123, 2015. details

  4. Milan Gocic and Shervin Motamedi and Shahaboddin Shamshirband and Dalibor Petkovic and Sudheer Ch and Roslan Hashim and Muhammad Arif. Soft computing approaches for forecasting reference evapotranspiration. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 113:164-173, 2015. details