Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Mustafa Saridemir

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Genetic Programming Articles by Mustafa Saridemir

  1. Mustafa Saridemir and Metin Hakan Severcan. The Use of Genetic Programming and Regression Analysis for Modeling the Modulus of Elasticity of NSC and HSC. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 41(10) 2016. details

  2. Mustafa Saridemir. Effect of specimen size and shape on compressive strength of concrete containing fly ash: Application of genetic programming for design. Material \& Design, 56:297-304, 2014. details

  3. Mustafa Saridemir. Empirical modeling of splitting tensile strength from cylinder compressive strength of concrete by genetic programming. Expert Systems with Applications, 38(11):14257-14268, 2011. details

  4. Mustafa Saridemir. Genetic programming approach for prediction of compressive strength of concretes containing rice husk ash. Construction and Building Materials, 24(10):1911-1919, 2010. details