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GP coauthors/coeditors: Chang Wook Ahn, Moonyoung Oh, Seung Joon Kim, Young Geun Lee, Moongu Jeon, In S Kim, Joon Ha Kim, Yun Seok Lee, Young Mi Kim, Sangho Lee, Tae-Mun Lee, Hyunje Oh, Youn-Kyoo Choung, Sook Hyun Nam, Sangwook Lee, Woong-Hyun Suh,

Genetic Programming Articles by Sanghoun Oh

  1. Sanghoun Oh and Woong-Hyun Suh and Chang-Wook Ahn. Self-Adaptive Genetic Programming for Manufacturing Big Data Analysis. Symmetry, 13(4) 2021. details

  2. Tae-Mun Lee and Hyunje Oh and Youn-Kyoo Choung and Sanghoun Oh and Moongu Jeon and Joon Ha Kim and Sook Hyun Nam and Sangho Lee. Prediction of membrane fouling in the pilot-scale microfiltration system using genetic programming. Desalination, 247(1-3):285-294, 2009. details

  3. Seung Joon Kim and Young Geun Lee and Sanghoun Oh and Yun Seok Lee and Young Mi Kim and Moon Gu Jeon and Sangho Lee and In S. Kim and Joon Ha Kim. Energy saving methodology for the SWRO desalination process: control of operating temperature and pressure. Desalination, 247(1-3):260-270, 2009. details

  4. Seung Joon Kim and Sanghoun Oh and Young Geun Lee and Moon Gu Jeon and In S. Kim and Joon Ha Kim. A control methodology for the feed water temperature to optimize SWRO desalination process using genetic programming. Desalination, 247(1-3):190-199, 2009. details

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