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GP coauthors/coeditors: Sheri M Markose, Edward P K Tsang, Hakan Er, Hugh Glaser, David De Roure, Jose Antonio Vazquez Rodriguez, Jin Li, Giulia Iori,

Genetic Programming Articles by Abdel Salhi

  1. Abdellah Salhi and Jose Antonio Vazquez Rodriguez. Tailoring hyper-heuristics to specific instances of a scheduling problem using affinity and competence functions. Memetic Computing, 6(2):77-84, 2014. details

  2. Jose Antonio Vazquez Rodriguez and Abdellah Salhi. Hybrid Evolutionary Methods for the solution of Complex Scheduling Problems. Research in Computing Sciences, 20 Advances in Artificial Intelligence:17-28, 2006. details

  3. Edward P. K. Tsang and Jin Li and Sheri Markose and Hakan Er and Abdel Salhi and Giulia Iori. EDDIE In Financial Decision Making. Journal of Management and Economics, 4(4) 2000. details

  4. Abdel Salhi and H. Glaser and D. De Roure. Parallel implementation of a genetic-programming based tool for symbolic regression. Information Processing Letters, 66(6):299-307, 1998. details

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