Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Andrea Murari

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Genetic Programming Articles by Andrea Murari

  1. Andrea Murari and Riccardo Rossi and Michela Gelfusa. Combining neural computation and genetic programming for observational causality detection and causal modelling. Artificial Intelligence Review, 56:6365-6401, 2023. details

  2. A. Murari and E. Peluso and L. Spolladore and R. Rossi and M. Gelfusa. Upgrades of Genetic Programming for Data Driven Modelling of Time Series. Evolutionary Computation, 31(4):401-432, 2023. details

  3. A. Murari and L. Spolladore and R. Rossi and M. Gelfusa. Combining dimensional and statistical analysis for efficient data driven modelling of complex systems. Information Sciences, 644:119243, 2023. details

  4. Andrea Murari and Emmanuele Peluso and Luca Spolladore and Jesus Vega and Michela Gelfusa. Considerations on Stellarator's Optimization from the Perspective of the Energy Confinement Time Scaling Laws. Applied Sciences, 12(6):Article No. 2862, 2022. details

  5. Andrea Murari and Emmanuele Peluso and Michele Lungaroni and Riccardo Rossi and Michela Gelfusa and JET Contributors. Investigating the Physics of Tokamak Global Stability with Interpretable Machine Learning Tools. Applied Sciences, 10(19) 2020. details

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