Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Francisco Herrera

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Francisco Jose Berlanga, Maria Jose del Jesus, Maria Jose Gacto, Antonio Jesus Rivera Rivas, Oscar Cordon, Luciano Sanchez, Pedro Gonzalez Espejo, Sebastian Ventura, Alberto Fernandez, J L Verdegay, Victoria Lopez Morales, Antonio Gabriel Lopez Herrera, Enrique Herrera Viedma, Jose Garcia Moreno-Torres, Francisco Padillo, Jose Maria Luna, Rocio C Romero Zalizo, Cristina Rubio Escudero, J Perren Cobb, Igor Zwir,

Genetic Programming Articles by Francisco Herrera

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Genetic Programming Conference proceedings edited by Francisco Herrera

Genetic Programming conference papers by Francisco Herrera

  1. Jose G. Moreno-Torres and Francisco Herrera. A preliminary study on overlapping and data fracture in imbalanced domains by means of Genetic Programming-based feature extraction. In 10th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA), pages 501-506, 2010. details

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