Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Hatice Citakoglu

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Bilal Babayigit, Nese Acanal Haktanir, Vahdettin Demir, Ahmet Ozbayrak, Mohammed Kamal Ali, Erdal Uncuoglu, Levent Latifoglu, Savas Bayram, Mustafa Laman, Mucella Ilkentapar, A Alper Oner,

Genetic Programming Articles by Hatice Citakoglu

  1. Ahmet Ozbayrak and Mohammed Kamal Ali and Hatice Citakoglu. Buckling Load Estimation Using Multiple Linear Regression Analysis and Multigene Genetic Programming Method in Cantilever Beams with Transverse Stiffeners. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 48(4):5347-5370, 2023. details

  2. Hatice Citakoglu and Vahdettin Demir. Developing numerical equality to regional intensity-duration-frequency curves using evolutionary algorithms and multi-gene genetic programming. Acta Geophysica, 71(1) 2023. details

  3. Erdal Uncuoglu and Hatice Citakoglu and Levent Latifoglu and Savas Bayram and Mustafa Laman and Mucella Ilkentapar and A. Alper Oner. Comparison of neural network, Gaussian regression, support vector machine, long short-term memory, multi-gene genetic programming, and M5 Trees methods for solving civil engineering problems. Applied Soft Computing, 129:109623, 2022. details

  4. Hatice Citakoglu and Bilal Babayigit and Nese Acanal Haktanir. Solar radiation prediction using multi-gene genetic programming approach. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 142:885-897, 2020. details