Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Helen E Johnson

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Richard J Gilbert, Michael K Winson, Jem J Rowland, Royston Goodacre, Aileen R Smith, Michael A Hall, Douglas B Kell, David I Broadhurst,

Genetic Programming Articles by Helen E Johnson

  1. Helen E. Johnson and David Broadhurst and Royston Goodacre and Aileen R. Smith. Metabolic fingerprinting of salt-stressed tomatoes. Phytochemistry, 62(6):919-928, 2003. details

  2. A. R. Smith and H. E. Johnson and M. Hall. Metabolic fingerprinting of salt-stressed tomatoes. Bulgarian Journal of Plant Physiology, 29:153-163, 2003. Special Issue. Proceedings of the European Workshop on Environmental Stress and Sustainable Agriculture, 07-12 Sept. 2002 Varna, Bulgaria. details

  3. Helen E. Johnson and Richard J. Gilbert and Michael K. Winson and Royston Goodacre and Aileen R. Smith and Jem J. Rowland and Michael A. Hall and Douglas B. Kell. Explanatory Analysis of the Metabolome Using Genetic Programming of Simple, Interpretable Rules. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines, 1(3):243-258, 2000. details

  4. Helen Johnson. EuroGP A biologist's persepective. EvoNEWS, 11:11, 1999. details

Genetic Programming conference papers by Helen E Johnson