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GP coauthors/coeditors: Hossein Bonakdari, Bahram Gharabaghi, Ali Sharifi, Amir Mosavi, Azadeh Gholami, Amin Kazemian-Kale-Kale, Amir Hossein Azimi, Amir Hossein Zaji, Hamed Azimi, Mohammad Zeynoddin, Saeed Reza Khodashenas, Hamid Moeeni, Saeid Shabanlou,

Genetic Programming Articles by Isa Ebtehaj

  1. Hossein Bonakdari and Azadeh Gholami and Amir Mosavi and Amin Kazemian-Kale-Kale and Isa Ebtehaj and Amir Hossein Azimi. A Novel Comprehensive Evaluation Method for Estimating the Bank Profile Shape and Dimensions of Stable Channels Using the Maximum Entropy Principle. Entropy, 22(11) 2020. details

  2. Azadeh Gholami and Hossein Bonakdari and Mohammad Zeynoddin and Isa Ebtehaj and Bahram Gharabaghi and Saeed Reza Khodashenas. Reliable method of determining stable threshold channel shape using experimental and gene expression programming techniques. Neural Computing and Applications, 31(10):5799-5817, 2019. details

  3. Saeid Shabanlou and Hamed Azimi and Isa Ebtehaj and Hossein Bonakdari. Determining the Scour Dimensions Around Submerged Vanes in a 180? Bend with the Gene Expression Programming Technique. Journal of Marine Science and Application, 17(2) 2018. details

  4. Hamid Moeeni and Hossein Bonakdari and Isa Ebtehaj. Monthly reservoir inflow forecasting using a new hybrid SARIMA genetic programming approach. Journal of Earth System Science, 126(2) 2017. details

  5. Isa Ebtehaj and Hossein Bonakdari and Amir Hossein Zaji and Hamed Azimi and Ali Sharifi. Gene expression programming to predict the discharge coefficient in rectangular side weirs. Applied Soft Computing, 35:618-628, 2015. details

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