Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Joao Paulo Papa

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Alvaro R Ferreira, Gustavo Rosa, Gustavo Carneiro, Fabio Augusto Faria, Rafael Junqueira Martarelli, Douglas Rodrigues, Clayton Reginaldo Pereira, Jurandy G Almeida Jr, Luciene Patrici Papa, Rodrigo Jose Pisani, Danillo Roberto Pereira, Celso Tetsuo Nagase Suzuki, Jancarlo Ferreira Gomes, Alexandre X Falcao, Sumie Hoshino-Shimizu, Ricardo da Silva Torres, Marcos Andre Goncalves, Baoping Zhang, Weiguo Fan, Edward A Fox,

Genetic Programming Articles by Joao Paulo Papa

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Genetic Programming conference papers by Joao Paulo Papa

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