Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Li Chen

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Chih-Hung Tan, Shuh-Ji Kao, Tai-Sheng Wang, Chang-Huan Kou, Shih-Wei Ma, Hsun-Hsin Hsu, Sing-Han Chen,

Genetic Programming Articles by Li Chen

  1. Li Chen and Chang-Huan Kou and Shih-Wei Ma. Prediction of slump flow of high-performance concrete via parallel hyper-cubic gene-expression programming. Eng. Appl. of AI, 34:66-74, 2014. details

  2. Li Chen. Macro-grammatical evolution for nonlinear time series modeling-a case study of reservoir inflow forecasting. Engineering with Computers, 27(4):393-404, 2011. details

  3. Li Chen and Chih-Hung Tan and Shuh-Ji Kao and Tai-Sheng Wang. Improvement of remote monitoring on water quality in a subtropical reservoir by incorporating grammatical evolution with parallel genetic algorithms into satellite imagery. Water Research, 42(1-2):296-306, 2008. details

  4. Li Chen. Study of Applying Macroevolutionary Genetic Programming to Concrete Strength Estimation. Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 17(4):290-294, 2003. details

Genetic Programming conference papers by Li Chen