Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Luigi Rovito

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Lorenzo Bonin, Andrea De Lorenzo, Luca Manzoni, Giorgia Nadizar, Eric Medvet, Marco Virgolin, Giovanni Pinna, Damiano Ravalico,

Genetic Programming Articles by Luigi Rovito

  1. Giorgia Nadizar and Luigi Rovito and Andrea De Lorenzo and Eric Medvet and Marco Virgolin. An Analysis of the Ingredients for Learning Interpretable Symbolic Regression Models with Human-in-the-loop and Genetic Programming. ACM Transactions on Evolutionary Learning and Optimization, 4(1) 2024. 17000th GP entry. details

  2. Lorenzo Bonin and Luigi Rovito and Andrea De Lorenzo and Luca Manzoni. Cellular geometric semantic genetic programming. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines, 25:Article no, 2024. Online first. details

  3. Luigi Rovito and Andrea De Lorenzo and Luca Manzoni. Discovering Non-Linear Boolean Functions by Evolving Walsh Transforms with Genetic Programming. Algorithms, 16(11):Article No. 499, 2023. details

  4. Luigi Rovito and Lorenzo Bonin and Luca Manzoni and Andrea De Lorenzo. An Evolutionary Computation Approach for Twitter Bot Detection. Applied Sciences, 12(12):Article No. 5915, 2022. Special Issue Genetic Programming, Theory, Methods and Applications. details

Genetic Programming conference papers by Luigi Rovito