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GP coauthors/coeditors: Bir Bhanu, Anlei Dong, Unai Alvarez-Rodriguez, Lucas Lamata, Enrique Solano, Pu Wang, Michael Emmerich, Ke Tang, Thomas Back, Xin Yao, Jiaqi Zhao, Vitor Basto-Fernandes, Licheng Jiao, Iryna Yevseyeva, Asep Maulana,

Genetic Programming Articles by Rui Li

  1. Rui Li and Unai Alvarez-Rodriguez and Lucas Lamata and Enrique Solano. Approximate Quantum Adders with Genetic Algorithms: An IBM Quantum Experience. Quantum Measurements and Quantum Metrology, 4(1):1-7, 2017. details

  2. Jiaqi Zhao and Vitor Basto Fernandes and Licheng Jiao and Iryna Yevseyeva and Asep Maulana and Rui Li and Thomas Back and Ke Tang and Michael T. M. Emmerich. Multiobjective Optimization of Classifiers by Means of 3D Convex-Hull-Based Evolutionary Algorithms. Information Sciences, 367-368:80-104, 2016. details

  3. Pu Wang and Michael Emmerich and Rui Li and Ke Tang and Thomas Baeck and Xin Yao. Convex Hull-Based Multi-objective Genetic Programming for Maximizing Receiver Operating Characteristic Performance. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 19(2):188-200, 2015. details

  4. Rui Li and Bir Bhanu and Anlei Dong. Feature Synthesized EM Algorithm for Image Retrieval. ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications, 4(2):10:1-10:24, 2008. details

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