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GP coauthors/coeditors: Andrea Arcuri, David Robert White, John A Clark, Mazhar Ansari Ardeh, Yi Mei, Mengjie Zhang, Derek Bartram, Michael Burrow, Urvesh Bhowan, Mark Johnston, Grant Dick, Xin Du, Youcong Ni, Datong Xie, Peng Ye, Ruliang Xiao, Jin Li, Colin M Frayn, Habib G Khosroshahi, Somak Raychaudhury, Xiaoli Li, Andrea Mambrini, Yang Yu2, Xiaodong Li, Flora Salim, Marc Schoenauer, Kalyanmoy Deb, Guenter Rudolph, Evelyne Lutton, Juan Julian Merelo, Hans-Paul Schwefel, Xinming Shi, Leandro L Minku, Jiashi Gao, Mohammad-H Tayarani-N, Hongming Xu, Thuong Pham Thi, Nguyen Xuan Hoai, Pu Wang, Edward P K Tsang, Thomas Weise, Ke Tang, Michael Emmerich, Rui Li, Thomas Back, Shaolin Wang, Mingxu Wan, Alexandre Devert, Bing Xue, Will N Browne, Edmund Burke, Jose A Lozano, James Smith, John A Bullinaria, Jonathan E Rowe, Peter Ti\vno Ata Kab\'an, Danial Yazdani, Jurgen Branke, Mohammad Sadegh Khorshidi, Mohammad Nabi Omidvar, A H Gandomi, Yang Zhang, Hong Cai Chen, Ya Ping Du, Min Chen2, Jie Liang, Jianhong Li, Xiqing Fan, Ling Sun, Qingsha S Cheng,

Genetic Programming Articles by Xin Yao

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Genetic Programming Conference proceedings edited by Xin Yao

Genetic Programming conference papers by Xin Yao

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