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GP coauthors/coeditors: Hammad Ahmad, Westley Weimer, Hunter Baxter, Kevin Leach, Zohreh Sharafi, Nicholas McKay, Tyler Santander, Stephanie Forrest, William B Langdon, Christopher Timperley, Oliver Krauss, Zhen Yu Ding, Yiwei Lyu, Nicolas Chausseau, Eric Schulte, Shin Hwei Tan, Gabin An, Justyna Petke, Erik M Fredericks, Seongmin Lee, Emily Winter, Michail Basios, Myra B Cohen, Aymeric Blot, Markus Wagner, Bobby R Bruce, Shin Yoo, Simos Gerasimou, Michael C Gerten, Yueke Zhang,

Genetic Programming Articles by Yu Huang

Genetic Programming Conference proceedings edited by Yu Huang

Genetic Programming conference papers by Yu Huang

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  4. Yu Huang and Hammad Ahmad and Stephanie Forrest and Westley Weimer. Applying Automated Program Repair to Dataflow Programming Languages. In Justyna Petke and Bobby R. Bruce and Yu Huang and Aymeric Blot and Westley Weimer and W. B. Langdon editors, GI @ ICSE 2021, pages 21-22, internet, 2021. IEEE. details

  5. Yu Huang and Kevin Leach and Zohreh Sharafi and Nicholas McKay and Tyler Santander and Westley Weimer. Biases and Differences in Code Review using Medical Imaging and Eye-Tracking: Genders, Humans, and Machines. In Myra Cohen and Thomas Zimmermann editors, Proceedings of the 28th ACM Joint European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering, ESEC/FSE 2020, pages 456-468, Virtual Event, USA, 2020. ACM. details

Genetic Programming technical reports by Yu Huang