Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Mehdi Eftekhari

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GP coauthors/coeditors: M Amiri, M Dehestani, Azita Tajaddini, Mojtaba Asadi, Mohammad Hossein Bagheripour, Mahshid Khatibi Bardsiri, Reza Mousavi, Hossein Kaydani, Ali Mohebbi, Mojtaba Khamar, Mahboubeh Mahdizadeh, Farhad Rahdari,

Genetic Programming Articles by Mehdi Eftekhari

  1. Farhad Rahdari and Mahdi Eftekhari and Reza Mousavi. A two-level multi-gene genetic programming model for speech quality prediction in Voice over Internet Protocol systems. Computer \& Electrical Engineering, 49:9-24, 2016. details

  2. Mahshid Khatibi Bardsiri and Mahdi Eftekhari and Reza Mousavi. Combining classifiers generated by multi-gene genetic programming for protein fold recognition using genetic algorithm. Int. J. of Bioinformatics Research and Applications, 11(2):171-186, 2015. details

  3. Hossein Kaydani and Ali Mohebbi and Mehdi Eftekhari. Permeability estimation in heterogeneous oil reservoirs by multi-gene genetic programming algorithm. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 123:201-206, 2014. Neural network applications to reservoirs: Physics-based models and data models. details

  4. M. Amiri and M. Eftekhari and M. Dehestani and A. Tajaddini. Modeling intermolecular potential of He-F2 dimer from symmetry-adapted perturbation theory using multi-gene genetic programming. Scientia Iranica, 20(3):543-548, 2013. details

  5. Mojtaba Asadi and Mehdi Eftekhari and Mohammad Hossein Bagheripour. Evaluating the strength of intact rocks through genetic programming. Applied Soft Computing, 11(2):1932-1937, 2011. details

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