Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Uros Zuperl

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Miha Kovacic, Sandra Sencic, Bozidar Sarler, Matjaz Milfelner, Janez Kopac, Franci Cus,

Genetic Programming Articles by Uros Zuperl

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  2. Miha Kovacic and Bozidar Sarler and Uros Zuperl. Natural gas consumption prediction in Slovenian industry - a case study. Materials and Geoenvironment, 63(2):91-96, 2016. details

  3. Miha Kovacic and Sandra Sencic and Uros Zuperl. Genetic programming and artificial neural network modeling of PM10 emission close to a steel plant. RMZ -- Materials and Geoenvironment, 60(1):9-16, 2013. details

  4. M. Milfelner and J. Kopac and F. Cus and U. Zuperl. Genetic equation for the cutting force in ball-end milling. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 164-165:1554-1560, 2005. AMPT/AMME05 Part 2. details

  5. Miha Kovacic and Uros Zuperl. Genetic programming in the steelmaking industry. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines. Twentieth Anniversary IssueOnline first. details

Genetic Programming conference papers by Uros Zuperl