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GP coauthors/coeditors: Irene Azzali, Leonardo Vanneschi, Sara Silva, Mario Giacobini, Marco Ivaldi, Brian J Ross, Mauro Castelli, Maria Joao Freitas, Francesco R Fontanella, Marco Buzzelli, Raimondo Schettini, Olivier Gau, Alessandra Scotto di Freca, Jose Manuel Munoz Contreras, Nuno Miguel Rodrigues Domingos, Leonardo Trujillo, Nathaniel Haut, Wolfgang Banzhaf, Palina Bartashevich, Sanaz Mostaghim, Davide Farinati,

Genetic Programming Articles by Illya Bakurov

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Genetic Programming conference papers by Illya Bakurov

  1. Illya Bakurov and Nathan Haut and Wolfgang Banzhaf. Sharpness-aware minimization in genetic programming. In Wolfgang Banzhaf and Ting Hu and Alexander Lalejini and Stephan Winkler editors, Genetic Programming Theory and Practice XXI, University of Michigan, USA, 2024. details

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  8. Illya Bakurov and Brian J. Ross. Non-photorealistic Rendering with Cartesian Genetic Programming Using Graphics Processing Units. In Juan Romero and Antonios Liapis and Aniko Ekart editors, 7th International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Music, Sound, Art and Design, EvoMUSART 2018, volume 10783, pages 34-49, Parma, Italy, 2018. Springer. details

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