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GP coauthors/coeditors: Benoit Baudry, Simon Allier, Benjamin Danglot, Philippe Preux, Thomas Durieux, Matias Sebastian Martinez, Romain Sommerard, Jifeng Xuan, Khashayar Etemadi, Niloofar Tarighat, Siddharth Yadav, Nicolas Yves Maurice Harrand, Marcelino Rodriguez-Cancio,

Genetic Programming Articles by Martin Monperrus

  1. Nicolas Harrand and Simon Allier and Marcelino Rodriguez-Cancio and Martin Monperrus and Benoit Baudry. A Journey Among Java Neutral Program Variants. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines, 20(4):531-580, 2019. details

  2. Benjamin Danglot and Philippe Preux and Benoit Baudry and Martin Monperrus. Correctness attraction: a study of stability of software behavior under runtime perturbation. Empirical Software Engineering, 23(4):2086-2119, 2018. details

  3. Martin Monperrus. Automatic Software Repair: A Bibliography. ACM Computing Surveys, 51(1):article no 17, 2018. details

  4. Matias Martinez and Thomas Durieux and Romain Sommerard and Jifeng Xuan and Martin Monperrus. Automatic repair of real bugs in java: a large-scale experiment on the defects4j dataset. Empirical Software Engineering, 22(4):1936-1964, 2017. details

  5. Benoit Baudry and Martin Monperrus. The Multiple Facets of Software Diversity: Recent Developments in Year 2000 and Beyond. ACM Computer Surveys, 48(1):16:1-16:26, 2015. details

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