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21 Dec Added Koohestani:2012:CEEC New release (r1.2155).
20 Dec Added chapters in Ventura:2012:GPnew
16 Dec Use solid blue in plots of daily down loads
5-11 Dec Download graphs and statistics not updated.
10 Dec New URLs for Feldt:thesis Added Spector:2012:GECCOcompA and Hemberg:2012:GECCOcompA New release (r1.2149).
6 Dec Added Semenkin:2012:BIOMA
3-10 Dec Ensure all EuroGP'2002 have a DOI. Ensure all CEC 2002 have keywords, DOI and abstract. Ensure all SEAL 2002 have abstract. Where possible, add URLs for 2002 GP papers (except GECCO 2002 late breaking and workshops, student papers masters thesis and technical reports).
1 Dec fix bad url in oai:xtcat.oclc.org:OCLCNo/ocm48450722
27 Nov - 1 Dec Provide URL for entries in WSC6 (2001), WSEAS (where possible). Where possible, add URLs for 2001 GP papers (except GECCO 2001 late breaking and workshops and student papers). Ensure all CEC-2001 have DOI, keywords and abstract. Remove duplicate nikolaev:2001:gpphmdft Ensure all GP GECCO 2001 have a URL. New release (r1.2137).
26 Nov Updated gp-coauthors graph. Fixed problem with cut and paste.
26 Nov Reference entered via WBT.cgi DBLP:conf/cikm/WangGWCY12 New release (r1.2124).
23 Nov Krzysztof Krawiec reported problem with coauthor Find authors search with Chrome Version 23.0.1271.64 on MacOs 10.8.2. (Krzysztof reports other browsers are fine.)
   Added gp-coauthors.html
23-26 Nov Where possible, add URLs for 2000 GP papers (except GECCO 2000 late breaking and workshops and student papers). Ensure all CEC-2000 have DOI, keywords and abstract.
23 Nov Add Krawiec:2013:GPEM and update Stanislawska2012.
22-23 Nov The system was down for a planned outage from 17:00 GMT 22 Nov to 9:00 GMT 23 Nov 2012 (approx).
21 Nov Add new URL for pujol:thesis
20 Nov Fix badly formatted DOI. New release (r1.2124).
12-20 Nov Ensure all GECCO 1999 (GP entries) have URL. Ensure all CEC 1999 have DOI, keywords and abstracts. Where possible, add URLs for 1999 GP papers (except GECCO 1999 late breaking and workshops and student papers). Replace Kessler:1999:ATC by Kessler:1999:DCG:298151.298365
9-11 Nov Ensure all EuroGP'98 entries have a DOI. Ensure all GP-98 late breaking papers have page numbers and where possible a URL (a few entries no longer marked as GP). Ensure all ICEC-98 have DOI and keywords. Ensure all GP-98 (GP entries) have URL. Move icga1985/*.pdf icga1987/*.pdf icga1997/*.pdf gp1997/*.pdf to http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/W.Langdon/ftp/papers/ Add URLs for 1998 GP papers (except GP-98 late breaking and student papers) where possible.
Remove dittrich:1998:rmr New release (r1.2117).
5 Nov Reference entered via WBT.cgi Kovacic:2012:IMT Georgiou:thesis Upto date with GP+EM online first. New release (r1.2110).
7 Nov www.cs.bham.ac.uk down due to power outage.
17 Oct IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation October 2012, conf/ppsn/Agapitos12, Nguyen:2012:KSE, Cerny:mastersthesis New release (r1.2107).
6 Oct Include all GP articles in Informatica (ISSN 0350-5596)
4 Oct FTP site cs.ucl.ac.uk needs to be replaced by ftp.cs.ucl.ac.uk
3 Oct Add DOI and tweaks for Genetic Programming Theory and Practice VI 2008. Add year of publication to Parallel Architectures and Bioinspired Algorithms.
2 Oct Add forthcoming GP chapters in "Evolutionary Computation on Graphics Processing Units"
1 Oct Correct co-authors and their URLs for Silva:2010:EvoIASP and goncalves:2012:EuroGP
27 Sep URL for Kindle E-Book of A Field Guide to Genetic Programming
25 Sep References entered via WBT.cgi (Miha Kovacic). 4 other additions. fixup broken sbse_repository URL. New release (r1.2104).
12 Sep GP+EM 13(3 and 4) Sept and Dec 2012. ECJ (early access). New release (r1.2100).
10 Sep Gaps in download records 2-10 Sept.
9 Sep Chapter 7 in Franz Rothlauf's Design of Modern Heuristics.
7 Sep GP chapters in Parallel Architectures and Bioinspired Algorithms. ISSTA 2012. FSE 2012.
5 Sep Intelligenza Artificiale 2011 special issue (2 GP).
4 Sep Add PPSN 2012 (9 GP). Add Kaliakatsos-Papakostas:2012:SC. New release (r1.2094).
3 Sep Add downloads by country.
1 Sep Added chapter 4 in Computational Intelligence in Image Processing
31 Aug Rebuild Coauthors graphs.
30 Aug New release (r1.2088). 119 new entries.
29 Aug Approximately 200 new or updated home pages.
26 Aug Update EvoApplications 2011 from original supplied page numbers to final published (also add any missing abstracts and DOI, correct two titles, etc.).
23 Aug Add EVOLVE-2012 GP presentations (6) and www home pages
22 Aug Add Oka:2000:DDTICGP
17 Aug Combine entries for Yang Yang2 and similar fixup (r1.2079).
16 Aug New Release r1.2078. Approximately 200 new or updated home pages. 102 new entries
9 Aug More info for ICCAS-SICE, 2009. 2 malformed DOI. Remove duplicate Spector:2012:GECCOcomp Add DOI for CEC 2012 and CEC 2011 (improve some CEC 2011 keywords)
8 Aug Add SSBSE 2012 GP papers.
7 Aug New release.
Added 59 GP papers from GECCO 2012 and associated workshops.
   References entered via WBT.cgi (Mak Kaboudan's New Mathematics and Natural Computation article).
  gecco2012.bib and gecco2012comp.bib added
2 Aug Added reference to index.html, in case anyone wants to cite the bibliography
25 Jul New release. Broken DOI links fixed. SIGEvolution 6(1) added.
17 Jul New release. (DOI links in some new entries are broken).
15 Jul 82 GP papers from ScienceDirect.com (2009-2012). References entered via WBT.cgi (Leonardo Trujillo). Updated many home pages.
11 Jul GP papers in Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 54th Annual Meeting, 2010 and SPIE April 2007.
6 Jul New papers by James McDermott, Glen Rodriguez. Update page numbers in EvoMUSART 2012.
2 JulGraphs of daily downloads updated to filter out file down loads by web spiders, particularly University of Birmingham Spider Pig.
   NB monthly statistics (papers authors users) have always excluded machines reading GP papers.
6 JulStarted
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