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2013 2012
30 Dec 2014 Add Pawlak:2014:SMGP. Revise all https://www.complex-systems.com/ URLs (all broken).
Continue to update broken URLs.
21 Dec 2014 Add URL and spanish abstract for Mingo:thesis. Replace all www.doaj.org/doaj? URLs (all broken).
Continue to update broken URLs.
13 Dec 2014 Add WIDM:WIDM1138
Continue to update broken URLs.
11 Dec 2014 Add DOI for Chen:2007:chen
Continue to update broken URLs.
28-29 Nov 2014 Update URL for Ernesto Costa
Add AmirHaeri:wsc17, Kulcsar:wsc17,
27 Nov 2014 Add Mingo:2012:idarla, Cano:2014:Neurocomputing, Mingo:thesis
Marked Nimbark:2012:IJAIA as retracted due to plagiarism
New release (r1.2708)
21 Nov 2014 Add 2014-ICAE-Gaps
20 Nov 2014 Following publication in LNCS update Lourenco:2013:EA,
19 Nov 2014 Fix download.html so that flag is shown for .tc domain.
New URLs for howard:2003:JDS
Continue to update broken URLs.
14 Nov 2014 Correct last author in conf/kes/ZhangZS05
Continue to update broken URLs.
New release (r1.2704)
12-13 Nov 2014 Update Deschaine:thesis, Freitas:2013:NICSO, Vanneschi:2013:NICSO. Add Bang:2013:IJCAS, Rayno:2014:APSURSI and Rayno:2014:ieeeTAP.
Add DOI for CEC 2014 papers. Correct editors, add publisher, isbn13, pages, LNCS volume, DOI and abstract for PPSN 2014 papers. Where possible, add mssing DOI or URLs for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 entries.
Continue to update broken URLs.
10 Nov 2014 Add Ruwan_Fernando_Thesis, Saunders:thesis,
Continue to update broken URLs.
8 Nov 2014 Add Hosic:2014:COMPSACW, Kamrath:2013:GECCOcomp, Wilkerson:2012:GECCO
Mark DadeRobertson:2014:CAD as not GP
Update (where possible) in press or without year.
6-7 Nov 2014 Bugfix 3-5 Nov's blog entries.
Continue to update broken URLs.
5 Nov 2014 Ensure all EuroGP'98, EuroGP'99, EuroGP'2000 and EuroGP'2001 have individual DOIs and abstracts and posters are marked in keywords.
New release (r1.2683)
3-4 Nov 2014 Additional URL for genofix-TR
Continue to update broken URLs.
29-30 Oct 2014 Correct author name in XinLu:thesis
Continue to update broken URLs.
28 Oct 2014 Restart cron (Last run on 20 Oct).
Add missing DOI for SPIE papers. Continue to update broken URLs.
16 Oct 2014 Bring upto date with GP+EM online first. Add Haraldsson:2014:GECCOcomp
Continue to update broken URLs.
10 Oct 2014 Add Lenehan:2012:cancer
New release (r1.2670)
9 Oct 2014 Continue to update broken URLs.
3 Oct 2014 Add Isele_Dissertation
Continue to update broken URLs.
2 Oct 2014 Add Ibrahim:2011:ISSNIP
Add URL of bugfix to Bailey:2012:GECCO
1 Oct 2014 Add schulte2014dissertation, vuphdthesis
29 Sep 2014 Continue to update broken URLs.
27 Sep 2014 Add SYNASC 2014 pre-proceedings
20 Sep 2014 Add Valencia:2014:arXiv, Estebanez:2014:CI, imamura:2001:geccoTR, Marinescu:2014:NCA
Continue to update broken URLs.
12 Sep 2014 Add ISBN13, DOI etc for :2014:EuroGP
New release (r1.2663)
8-9 Sep 2014 Add Menezes:2014:SR, Kifetew:2014:ICST, Nel:mastersthesis,
Continue to update broken URLs.
5 Sep 2014 Add Woodward:2014:GECCOcompa
Add Gonzalez-Alvarez:2015:GPEM, Turner:2015:GPEM,
New release (r1.2657)
4 Sep 2014 Add langdon:2014:synasc, babic:2014:etv, babic:2014:MT, Koohestani:2014:COA, Fitzgerald:2013:mendel, Fitzgerald:2014:cicsyn, jmfitz-thesis, Katayama:2004:PRICAI
3 Sep 2014 Add abstract and url to koza:book. Add Lichocki:thesis,
2 Sep 2014 Supply page numbers etc. for Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines 2014, 15(4), Special issue on GECCO competitions.
25 Aug 2014 Re-allocate SSCI-2013 papers to individual symposia and conferences.
24 Aug 2014 Bugfix ensure correct page numbers on EuroGP 2003, ensure all have DOI and reformat some abstracts
Add Holzinger:Thesis
Continue to update broken URLs.
22 Aug 2014 Add McDermott:2014:sigevolution
Continue to update broken URLs.
21 Aug 2014 Supply DOI for GP entries in SIGEVOlution 6(3-4).
Continue to update broken URLs.
12-15 Aug 2014 Fixup full editor list in Blum:2013:GECCOcomp by hand
Adding GECCO 2014 GP papers
New release (r1.2639)
12 Aug 2014 Ensure all GPU entries have GPU as a keyword
8-11 Aug 2014 Adding GECCO 2014 GP papers
Added Johnson:2014:SMGPwork, Leitner:2013:BICA, Burke2013,
8 Aug 2014 Add Mitavskiy:2013:NC. Add SMGP 2014 workshop.
New release (1.2625)
6 Aug 2014 Extend editor list for :2013:GECCOcomp (cf. change to gecco2013comp.bib) Add Chennupati:2014:NaBIC add GP papers from NaBIC 2014
4 Aug 2014 Ensure all, including online first, Just Accepted and Early Access, Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines, Evolutionary Computation and IEEE transaction on evolutionary computation are included.
Add these_lassabe, Lassabe-chessend_game_eurogp_2006,
Continue to update broken URLs.
1-2 Aug 2014 Ensure all GP papers at SSBSE-2014 are included.
Continue to update broken URLs.
Ensure all entries to the Annual "Humies" Awards are flagged with HUMIES.
1 Aug 2014 Added Malo:2013:AI
Continue to update broken URLs.
30 July 2014 Fix problem (reported in langdon:2014:sigevolution) that logs did not cope well with BibTeX entries that contain many URLs.
Remove dangling link to dokuwiki from homepages.html
24 July 2014 Add GP papers from :2014:EVOLVE. Update GP+EM to Sept 2014 15(3).
23 July 2014
Add Emer:thesis,
Update broken URLs.
Fix download.html so that flag is shown for .CS domain.
New release (1.2610)
20-22 July Add pointer to introductory slides.
Add Moore:2014:GPTP, Sim:2014:EC, Affenzeller:2013:EUROCAST, GP papers from The 24rd European Modelling and Simulation Symposium (Affenzeller:2012:EMSS and Burlacu:2012:EMSS) Add GP papers from ALIFE 14. Add GP papers from current issue of SIGEVOlution.
Correct title in Brandejsky:2013:HBO
Update broken URLs.
8 July 2014 Add Garg:2010:JHE, Garg:2014:NH, Garg:2009:WEWRC
Update broken URLs
New release (1.2601)
7 July 2014 Add notes for existing GP entries in this year's Humies competition (still have not received GECCO 2014 BibTex).
6 July 2014 Undo update for LingGuo:thesis.
2 July 2014 Update LingGuo:thesis. Add DBLP:journals/corr/Shackelford14
30 June - 2 July Add deAssis:2013:WebMedia
Update broken home page URLs
Try to find/check missing URLs for GP entries 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009.
Add GP articles in the journal of "Computer Methods in Materials Science".
New release (1.2596)
27 June 2014 Add URL for fernandez:thesis
26 June 2014 Update broken home page URLs
Remove broken paper URL in ga96aJaske
Add WCCI2014 url to all genetic programming CEC 2014 papers.
Add Clegg:2014:PPSN, Kim2014-ID904, Stoutemyer:2013:notices
23 June 2014 Update broken home page URLs
Remove broken paper URLs in GeethaRamani:2009:IJARS
New release (1.2577)
20-22 June 2014 Add Li:2014:ieeeTEC, Li:2013:ieeeSMC,
Malcolm Heywood reports Springer have changed page numbers in EuroGP'2014 proceedings Nicolau:2014:GP. The new Springer page numbers are now in the bibliography.
18 June 2014 Add murphy:PhDThesis:2014, fagan:PhDThesis:2014, Kannappan:2014:GPTP,
17 June 2014 Add Floares:2012:CI4, Floares:2014:shbBNI. Add PPSN-2014 GP papers
16 June 2014 New release (1.2568)
5-6 June 2014 Add WCCI2014 CEC GP papers (from Carlos A. Coello Coello), add lam-phd-2012.
Fix broken URL in Thesis_JGMorenoTorres_2013
Update broken home page URLs
New release (1.2567)
4 June 2014 Add EuroGP'2014 papers (from Malcolm Heywood)
Update broken home page URLs
New release (1.2559)
2 June 2014 Update DiPaola:2006:, add DBLP:journals/corr/GaboraD13, Padian:2008:nature.
1 June 2014 Delete Swan:2014:DEMOfest. Add KrawiecSwanAAAI2013.
1 June 2014 Reduce group size in homepages.html from ten to five.
Added Thesis_JGMorenoTorres_2013, Avila-Jimenez:thesis,
31 May 2014 Add listing groups of (ten or more) authors together in homepages.html
29 May 2014 Add Igwe:2013:WICT
Add links for abstracts in Complex Systems journal.
28 May 2014 Removed Nakatsu:2013:USNC-URSI and deGaris:2013:ECAL.
Add Urbano:2013:ECAL.
Bugfix title of Hrbacek:2013:ECAL.
Update broken URLs.
New release (1.2547)
27 May 2014 Add DBLP:journals/corr/KatzP14, Bartoli:2014:GECCO, Bartoli:2014:PPSN, Liong2001777, Charhate200929, Ni2010377, Savic1999219, Sivapragasam2007266, Traore20131,
26 May 2014 Add url for MPD06. Add Bartoli:2014:Computer, sorio_phd, deCarvalho:thesis.
Update broken URLs.
25 May 2014 Add Doherty:thesis Thesis_B_Torbennielsen, HR2014, Faris2014, Sheta2013a, Sheta2013b, Faris2013a, Faris2013b, Samadianfard:2013:Geofizika
Update broken URLs.
21-22 May 2014 Add Gostimirovi:2012:JPE, JonathanByrneThesis,
20 May 2014 New release (1.2528)
10-13 May 2014 Update broken URLs.
Add Alhejali:thesis
16 May 2014 Add Beck:thesis.
Updated ISSN in Brajlih:2006:AMME. Update GP+EM(15,2) Elyasaf:2014:GPEM, KangilKim:2014:GPEM, Moradabadi:2014:GPEM, Vanneschi:2014:GPEM, LixiuYu:2014:GPEM. Add AmirHaeri:2014:GPEM, Castelli:2014:GPEM, Houshmand:2014:GPEM, Ozturkeri:2014:GPEM, Qadir:2014:GPEM. Update EC(22,2) Azad:2014:EC, Alfaro-Cid:2014:EC. Update IeeeEC(Apr 2014) Nguyen:2013:ieeeTEC_2. Add Goldman:2014:ieeeTEC
New release (1.2525)
Fix download.html so that Laos flag is displayed.
14 May 2014 Misc additions.
New release (1.2518)
10-13 May 2014 Update broken URLs.
Bugfix spelling in Hemberg:2013:foga. Add Thesis_jyu, Dostal:2013:HBO, Brandejsky:2013:HBO, MSU-CSE-13-9,
New release (1.2512)
9 May 2014 Add Lewis:thesis. Extra URLs.
New release (1.2501)
8 May 2014 Update broken home page URLs. Misc additions.
7 May 2014 Add Nakatsu:2013:USNC-URSI
Add DOI etc. to oai:CiteSeerPSU:521419. Update broken home page URLs.
New release (1.2493)
4-6 May 2014 Fixup DOI in Contreras:evoapps13, Moradabadi:2014:GPEM, Poli:2014:evcoal. Misc additions.
Add Gandomi:2014:SC, Gandomi:2014:AiC, Gandomi:2014:ASC, Bayazidi:2014:MPiE, Pawlak:2014:ieeeEC
Update broken home page URLs.
1-2 May 2014 Update broken link.springer-ny.com links
Update broken home page URLs
30 Apr 2014 Add Brabazon:book:NCA, McDermott:2013:mHCI, Giacobini:2014:evcoal, Poli:2014:evcoal,
27 Apr 2014 Update broken home page URLs
20 Apr 2014 Add and update papers and add PhD thesis from Jose Maria Luna (Luna-JM:thesis, Luna:2013:KAIS, 014-IEEETC-SD ).
Update Kovacic:2014:energy
New release (1.2469)
Updated gp-coauthors graphs
17-19 Apr 2014 Add JavedFaizan
Continue clean up of broken homepage URLs
14 Apr 2014 Add Langdon:gecco2014_hot
29-30 Mar 2014 Add Kim:2013:ICSE, Forrest13081993,
Continue fixup of home page and other URLs.
24-25 Mar 2014 Add Shintemirov:thesis, Shintemirov:book, legouesWFSQJO2013
Update Shintemirov:2009:ieeeSMC-C
Continue fixup of home page and other URLs.
New release (1.2458)
20-21 Mar 2014 Fix download.html so that links to papers with bibtex keys like O'Reilly:2011:GECCOcomp work.
Fixed URL for Lopes:2004:AMCS
Add genofix-TR,
18-19 Mar 2014 Add Langdon:2014:GECCO, Harman:2014:seams,
17 Mar 2014 Bugfix related to JaimeJFernandez.html JaimeFernandez.html
16 Mar 2014 Add papers suggested by Mengjie Zhang, Xie:2013:AI
Bug related to JaimeJFernandez.html JaimeFernandez.html
New release (1.2452)
10 Mar 2014 Continue fixup of home page URLs.
Add Farry:1997:MEC, Farry:2009:JPO,
8 Mar 2014 Continue fixup of home page URLs.
Add Al-Madi:2013:nabic, Fitzgerald:2013:nabic, Olmo:2013:nabic, Sotelo-Figueroa:2013:nabic,
5-6 Mar 2014 Continue fixup of home page URLs.
Harman:2013:STTT withdrawn
Add Langdon_RN1402, Haan:thesis,
Update Jin_GP_Wavelet
New release (1.2449)
1-3 Mar 2014 Add fortin:2012:JMRL, DeRainville:2012:GECCOcomp, Deschaine:thesis, Francone:2010:Sibert_SLO, Deschaine:2005:IPEA, Atkins:1998:space, Ahangar-Asr:thesis, Larranaga:2012:JH, Kvasnicka:2002:AL, Salehi-Abari:2008:gecco, Hyde:2013:JORS, Kovacic:2014:energy, DBLP:conf/sfp/Katayama05, Afzal:2010:ECoaSE, Mahmood:2012:dm3dia, Hrbacek:2013:ECAL, Harada:2013:ECAL,
Update keijzer:2001:thesis, ASTC_2002_UXOFinder_Invention_Paper, evett:1987:rifs, ChaDam00,
26 Feb 2014 Continue fixup of home page URLs. Add Hengpraprohm:thesis,
25 Feb 2014 Continue fixup of broken home page URLs. Add Riolo:2013:GPTP
New release (1.2441)
22 Feb 2014 Continue fixup of broken home page URLs. Fix URL in Loiacono_2012_sigevolution,
22 Feb 2014 Continue fixup of broken home page URLs. Add URL for Petke:2014:EuroGP. Add page numbers of Evolutionary Computation, Spring, 2014 and volume(number) for Summer 2014. Up to date wrt IEEE transactions on Evolutionary Computation.
New release (1.2440)
21 Feb 2014 Added Browne_2012_sigevolution, de-rainville_2012_sigevolution, Loiacono_2012_sigevolution,
19 Feb 2014 Added Krawiec:2012:PPSN. GP+EM 15(1) page numbers etc added
New release (1.2437)
18 Feb 2014 Added kovacic:2014:MT
New release (1.2435)
15 Feb 2014 Added papers from Michael O'Neill Hemberg:2012:GPTP, fenton:2013:USNCCM12 oneill:2014:Engelberg, including paper at Genetic Programming Theory and Practice X Riolo:2012:GPTP.
11 Feb 2014 Added jha:2014:SRIN,
7-9 Feb 2014 Attempt to find URL or DOI for those missing them for 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 GP entries.
Extend pillay:thesis, domingos:thesis, domingos:phdthesis, Add naidoo:masters
New release (1.2430)
3-5 Feb 2014 Added Swan:2014:DEMOfest
Updated Petke:2014:EuroGP,
3-5 Feb 2014 Added Deschaine:2003:JMMS, Deschaine:2011:JMMS, Koohestani:2014:ieeeTEC, Bhowan:2014:ieeeTEC, Bailey:2014:ieeeTEC, Alfaro-Cid:2014:EC Elyasaf:2014:GPEM, Vanneschi:2014:GPEM, Laredo:2014:GPEM, Banzhaf_reply:2014:GPEM, Popovici:2014:GPEM, Moradabadi:2014:GPEM, Altenberg:2014:GPEM, Krawiec:2014:GPEM, Sipper:2014:GPEM, Ekart:2014:GPEM, Leier:2014:GPEM, Whigham:2014:GPEM, Montana:2014:GPEM, KangilKim:2014:GPEM, Banzhaf:2014:GPEM, Deschaine:2003:JMMS, Deschaine:2011:JMMS, Laredo:thesis,
New release (1.2416)
1-2 Feb 2014 Continue refresh broken links
Added Koohestani:thesis, Bhardwaj:2013:ICIC, MotaDias:2013:CJ, Blair:2013:CEC,
New release (1.2414)
1 Feb 2014 New release (1.2413)
31 Jan 2014 Fix download.html so that Hong Kong flag is displayed.
17-21 Jan 2014 Attempt to find URL or DOI for those missing them for 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 GP entries.
Added XiannengLi:book
16 Jan 2014 Added Petke:2014:EuroGP, langdon:2014:EuroGP,
9 Jan 2014 Added Forsyth:thesis. Extend Anand:thesis.
8 Jan 2014 New release (1.2398)

Continue refresh broken links: EP-97 (angeline:1997:txde) AISB-97 (edmonds:1997:mbrea) and miller:2003:ICES, oneill:1999:ECAL, oneill:2001:EvoWorkshops,

7 Jan 2014 Add details for previously in press articles: Alavi:2014:NCA, Cano:2013:JSUP, Castelli:2013:ieeeCybernetics, FallahMehdipour:2013:JHR, Gandomi:2014:MS, Harding:2013:ecgpu, Khan:2013:Neurocomputing, langdon:2013:ecgpu, Maitre:2013:ecgpu, Nguyen:2013:ieeeTEC, Nguyen:2013:EC Preen:2013:SC, Wang:2013:Neurocomputing. Arcuri2010, Azamathulla:2012b:JH, Coelho2011, Das2011, Fasli2011, Hsu:2011:ESA, Kara2011, Kara2011, Karakus2010, MorenoTorres2010, Olague2011, Saridemir2011, Vanneschi2011, Yang:2013:JNCA. Forthcoming: Graff:2013:EC. To appear: Wang:2013:DEXA, lee:1997:aGPebpamr. Accepted: Aslam:2012:ieeeTWC. Early Access: Suzuki:2012:ieeeTBME. To be published: moore:1997:noemuux2dpe.
6 Jan 2014 Add BorgesHernandez:thesis,
Continue fixup broken URLs and homepages
4 Jan 2014 Continue fixup broken URLs and homepages particularly eng.ut.ac.ir
3 Jan 2014 Bring pre-proceedings Hemberg:2013:foga, Mambrini:2013:foga, Nguyen:2013:foga into line with final published proceedings.
Continue fixup broken URLs and homepages particularly http://www.nu.edu.pk/StaffDetails.aspx?pid=????
2 Jan 2014 Work around iPhone html display bug
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