Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Wan-Huan (Hanna) Zhou

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Zhi-Liang Cheng, Ankit Garg, K K Pabodha M Kannangara, Li-Jun Su, Chen Tian, Dazhi Jiang, Akhil Garg, Su Qin, Tao Xu2,

Genetic Programming Articles by Wan-Huan (Hanna) Zhou

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  5. Wan-Huan Zhou and Ankit Garg and Akhil Garg. Study of the volumetric water content based on density, suction and initial water content. Measurement, 94:531-537, 2016. details

  6. Dazhi Jiang and Wan-Huan Zhou and Ankit Garg and Akhil Garg. Model development and surface analysis of a bio-chemical process. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 157:133-139, 2016. details