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GP coauthors/coeditors: Jurgen Branke, Frederik Thiele, Elizabeth Sklar, Hugues Juille, Jordan B Pollack, Hod Lipson, Gregory S Hornby,

Genetic Programming Articles by Pablo J Funes

  1. Pablo Jose Funes. Buildable Evolution. SIGEVOlution, 2(3):6-19, 2007. details

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  5. Pablo Funes and Jordan Pollack. Evolutionary Body Building: Adaptive Physical Designs for Robots. Artificial Life, 4(4):337-357, 1998. details

Genetic Programming PhD doctoral thesis Pablo J Funes

Genetic Programming conference papers by Pablo J Funes

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  4. Pablo Funes and Jordan Pollack. Computer Evolution of Buildable Objects. In P. Husbands and I. Harvey editors, Fourth European Conference on Artificial Life, pages 358-367, 1997. MIT Press. details

Genetic Programming book chapters by Pablo J Funes

Genetic Programming technical reports by Pablo J Funes