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GP coauthors/coeditors: Alexander Boschmann, Marco Platzner, Michael Winkler, Kyrre Harald Glette, Thiemo Gruber, Jim Torresen, Bernhard Sick, Christopher Assad, Michael T Wolf, Nam Ho, Abdullah Fathi Ahmed, Christian Plessl, Tobias Knieper, Kevin Englehart, Cong Shen, Roman Tobias Kalkreuth, Bertrand Defo, Lukas Sekanina, James Alfred Walker, Martin Braun, Leo Francoso Dal Piccol Sotto, Timothy Atkinson, Marcio Porto Basgalupp, Markus Wagner, Julia Handl, Ryan J Urbanowicz, Kuber Karthik, Danilo Vasconcellos Vargas, Silvino Fernandez Alzueta, Pablo Valledor Pellicer, Thomas Stuetzle, John R Woodward, Daniel R Tauritz, Manuel Lopez-Ibanez, Anne Auger, Dimo Brockhoff, Nikolaus Hansen, Tea Tusar, Dejan Tusar, Stephane Doncieux, Joshua E Auerbach, Richard Duro, Harold de Vladar, Jose Santos Reyes, Amarda Shehu, Mostafa M Hashim Ellabaan, Stefan Wagner, Michael Affenzeller, Frank Neumann, Oliver Kramer, P G M Baltus, Giovanni Iacca, M N Andraud, Vanessa Volz, Boris Naujoks, Frank Moore, Gunes Kayacik, Nur Zincir-Heywood, Anna Esparcia-Alcazar, Westley Weimer, Justyna Petke, David Robert White, William B Langdon, Nadarajen Veerapen, Fabio Daolio, Arnaud Liefooghe, Sebastien Verel, Gabriela Ochoa, Giovanni Squillero, Alberto Tonda, Stephen L Smith, Stefano Cagnoni, Robert M Patton, John A W McCall, Dirk Thierens, William La Cava, Randal Olson, Patryk Orzechowski, Ernesto Tarantino, Ivanoe De Falco, Antonio Della Cioppa, Umberto Scafuri, Nicolas Bredeche, Evert Haasdijk, Abraham Prieto, Heiko Hamann, Jared Moore, Anthony Clark, David Walker, Richard Everson, Jonathan E Fieldsend, Bogdan Filipic, Alma Rahat, Handing Wang, Yaochu Jin, Julian F Miller,

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Genetic Programming book chapters by Paul Kaufmann

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