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Track 1: Ant Colony Optimization, Swarm Intelligence, and Artificial Immune Systems
Track 2: Artificial Life, Evolutionary Robotics, Adaptive Behavior, Evolvable Hardware
Track 3: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Track 4: Coevolution
Track 5: Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
Track 6: Evolution Strategies, Evolutionary Programming
Track 7: Evolutionary Combinatorial Optimization
Track 8: Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization
Track 9: Formal Theory
Track 10: Generative and Developmental Systems
Track 11: Genetic Algorithms
Track 12: Genetic Programming
Track 13: Genetics-Based Machine Learning and Learning Classifier Systems
Track 14: Real-World Application
Track 15: Search-based Software Engineering

Table of Contents

Track 10: Generative and Developmental Systems

GECCO 2008 Main Proceedings Table of Contents



Generative Encoding for Multiagent Learning (Page 819)
David B. D'Ambrosio (University of Central Florida)
Kenneth O. Stanley (University of Central Florida)

Evolutionary Design of Dynamic SwarmScapes (Page 827)
Namrata Khemka (University of Calgary)
Scott Novakowski (University of Calgary)
Gerald Hushlak (University of Calgary)
Christian Jacob (University of Calgary)

An Evolvability-enhanced Artificial Embryogeny for Generating Network Structures (Page 835)
Hidenori Komatsu (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
Yasuhiro Hashimoto (University of Tokyo)
Yu Chen (University of Tokyo)
Hirotada Ohashi (University of Tokyo)

Measures of Complexity for Artificial Embryogeny (Page 843)
Taras Kowaliw (Memorial University)

A Cellular Model for the Evolutionary Development of Lightweight Material with an Inner Structure (Page 851)
Till Steiner (Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH)
Yaochu Jin (Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH)
Bernhard Sendhoff (Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH)

Phenotypic, Developmental and Computational Resources: Scaling in Artificial Development (Page 859)
Gunnar Tufte (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

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How Generative Encodings Fare on Less Regular Problems (Page 867)
Jeff Clune (Michigan State University)
Charles Ofria (Michigan State University)
Robert T. Pennock (Michigan State University)

Unsupervised Learning of Echo State Networks: Balancing the Double Pole (Page 869)
Fei Jiang (INRIA Saclay)
Hugues Berry (INRIA Saclay)
Marc Schoenauer (INRIA Saclay)

Growth Control and Disease Mechanisms in Computational Embryogeny (Page 871)
Or Yogev (California Institute of Technology)
Andrew A. Shapiro (California Institute of Technology)
Erik K. Antonsson (California Institute of Technology)