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Track 1: Ant Colony Optimization, Swarm Intelligence, and Artificial Immune Systems
Track 2: Artificial Life, Evolutionary Robotics, Adaptive Behavior, Evolvable Hardware
Track 3: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Track 4: Coevolution
Track 5: Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
Track 6: Evolution Strategies, Evolutionary Programming
Track 7: Evolutionary Combinatorial Optimization
Track 8: Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization
Track 9: Formal Theory
Track 10: Generative and Developmental Systems
Track 11: Genetic Algorithms
Track 12: Genetic Programming
Track 13: Genetics-Based Machine Learning and Learning Classifier Systems
Track 14: Real-World Application
Track 15: Search-based Software Engineering

Table of Contents

Track 12: Genetic Programming

GECCO 2008 Main Proceedings Table of Contents



Learning to Recognise Mental Activities: Genetic Programming of Stateful Classifiers for Brain-Computer Interfacing (Page 1155)
Alexandros Agapitos (University of Essex)
Matthew Dyson (University of Essex)
Simon M. Lucas (University of Essex)
Francisco Sepulveda (University of Essex)

On the Genetic Programming of Time-Series Predictors for Supply Chain Management (Page 1163)
Alexandros Agapitos (University of Essex)
Matthew Dyson (University of Essex)
Jenya Kovalchuk (University of Essex)
Simon M. Lucas (University of Essex)

Coevolution of Data Samples and Classifiers Integrated with Grammatically-based Genetic Programming for Data Classification (Page 1171)
Douglas A. Augusto (COPPE/UFRJ)
Helio J. C. Barbosa (LNCC/MCT)
Nelson F. F. Ebecken (COPPE/UFRJ)

Automated Shape Composition Based on Cell Biology and Distributed Genetic Programming (Page 1179)
Linge Bai (Drexel University)
Manolya Eyiyurekli (Drexel University)
David E. Breen (Drexel University)

Genetic Programming with Polymorphic Types and Higher-Order Functions (Page 1187)
Franck Binard (University of Ottawa)
Amy Felty (University of Ottawa)

Using Differential Evolution for Symbolic Regression and Numerical Constant Creation (Page 1195)
Brian M. Cerny (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Peter C. Nelson (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Chi Zhou (Motorola Inc.)

Accelerating Genetic Programming by Frequent Subtree Mining (Page 1203)
Yoshitaka Kameya (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Junichi Kumagai (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Yoshiaki Kurata (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Evolutionary Lossless Compression with GP-ZIP* (Page 1211)
Ahmad Kattan (University of Essex)
Riccardo Poli (University of Essex)

Advanced Techniques for the Creation and Propagation of Modules in Cartesian Genetic Programming (Page 1219)
Paul Kaufmann (University of Paderborn)
Marco Platzner (University of Paderborn)

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Evolution of Hyperheuristics for the Biobjective 0/1 Knapsack Problem by Multiobjective Genetic Programming (Page 1227)
Rajeev Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)
Ashwin H. Joshi (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)
Krishna K. Banka (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)
Peter I. Rockett (University of Sheffield)

Memory with Memory: Soft Assignment in Genetic Programming (Page 1235)
Nicholas Freitag McPhee (University of Minnesota at Morris)
Riccardo Poli (University of Essex)

Discovering Causes of Financial Distress by Combining Evolutionary Algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks (Page 1243)
Antonio M. Mora (Universidad de Granada)
Pedro A. Castillo (Universidad de Granada)
Juan J. Merelo (Universidad de Granada)
Eva Alfaro-Cid (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)
Ken Sharman (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)

Exploiting the Path of Least Resistance in Evolution (Page 1251)
Gearoid Murphy (University of Limerick)
Conor Ryan (University of Limerick)

Analysis of a Genetic Programming Algorithm for Association Studies (Page 1259)
Robin Nunkesser (TU Dortmund)

Parsimony Pressure Made Easy (Page 1267)
Riccardo Poli (University of Essex)
Nicholas Freitag McPhee (University of Minnesota, Morris)

The Impact of Population Size on Code Growth in GP: Analysis and Empirical Validation (Page 1275)
Riccardo Poli (University of Essex)
Nicholas Freitag McPhee (University of Minnesota, Morris)
Leonardo Vanneschi (University of Milano­Bicocca)

Evolutionary Synthesis of Low-Sensitivity Equalizers Using Adjacency Matrix Representation (Page 1283)
Leonardo Bruno de Sá (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
Antonio Mesquita (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

Genetic Programming for Finite Algebras (Page 1291)
Lee Spector (Hampshire College)
David M. Clark (SUNY New Paltz)
Ian Lindsay (Hampshire College)
Bradford Barr (Hampshire College)
Jon Klein (Hampshire College)

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Multiobjective Design of Operators that Detect Points of Interest in Images (Page 1299)
Leonardo Trujillo (CICESE)
Gustavo Olague (CICESE Research Center)
Evelyne Lutton (INRIA-Futurs)
Francisco Fernández de Vega (Universidad de Extremadura)

A Genetic Programming Approach to Business Process Mining (Page 1307)
Chris J. Turner (Cranfield University)
Ashutosh Tiwari (Cranfield University)
Jörn Mehnen (Cranfield University)

Rapid Prediction of Optimum Population Size in Genetic Programming Using a Novel Genotype - Fitness Correlation (Page 1315)
David C. Wedge (The University of Manchester)
Douglas B. Kell (The University of Manchester)

An Analysis of Multi-Sampled Issue and No-Replacement Tournament Selection (Page 1323)
Huayang Xie (Victoria University of Wellington)
Mengjie Zhang (Victoria University of Wellington)
Peter Andreae (Victoria University of Wellington)
Mark Johnston (Victoria University of Wellington)

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Generalization Performance of Vision Based Controllers for Mobile Robots Evolved with Genetic Programming (Page 1331)
Renaud Barate (ENSTA-UEI)
Antoine Manzanera (ENSTA-UEI)

Combining Cartesian Genetic Programming with an Estimation of Distribution Algorithm (Page 1333)
Janet Clegg (University of York)

A Formulation for the Relative Permittivity of Water and Steam to High Temperatures and Pressures Evolved Using Genetic Programming (Page 1335)
Sergey V. Fogelson (University of Georgia)
Walter D. Potter (University of Georgia)

Measuring Rate of Evolution in Genetic Programming Using Amino Acid to Synonymous Substitution Ratio ka/ks (Page 1337)
Ting Hu (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Wolfgang Banzhaf (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

TREAD: A New Genetic Programming Representation Aimed at Research of Long Term Complexity Growth (Page 1339)
Tony E. Lewis (University of London)
George D. Magoulas (University of London)

Stress-based Crossover Operator for Structure Topology Optimization Using Small Population Size and Variable Length Chromosome (Page 1341)
Cuimin Li (Doshisha University)
Tomoyuki Hiroyasu (Doshisha University)
Mitsunori Miki (Doshisha University)

Elitism Reduces Bloat in Genetic Programming (Page 1343)
Riccardo Poli (University of Essex)
Nicholas Freitag McPhee (University of Minnesota at Morris)
Leonardo Vanneschi (University of Milano­Bicocca)

A Swarm-based Crossover Operator for Genetic Programming (Page 1345)
Tony White (Carleton University)
Amirali Salehi-Abari (Carleton University)

Experiments with Indexed FOR-Loops in Genetic Programming (Page 1347)
Gayan Wijesinghe (RMIT University)
Vic Ciesielski (RMIT University)