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Recent changes

30 Dec
28 Dec New release (1.4979)
22 Dec
21 Dec Bugfix remove Wang:2019:CEC2 as duplicated of Wang:2019:CEC
18 Dec New release (1.4963)
8 Dec New release (1.4951)
30 Nov Added Vasicek:2019:DATE, Badan:2019:TPNC, Sekanina:2019:AC, Mrazek:2019:ieeeVLSI
New release (1.4941)
24 Nov
23 Nov Bugfix several new DOI
New release (1.4934)
22 Nov New release (1.4929)
21 Nov
30 Oct Bugfix link to gp-html/WilliamBLangdon.html on index.html
29 Oct Remove broken homepage for Mats G. Nordahl
12 Oct New release (1.4910)
9 Oct Update Goodman:2019:sigevolution, langdon:2019:bddGI4mlss
17 Sep Added Gerules:thesis
New release (1.4891)
11 Sep Bugfix file protection on _Peter_Leung-YauLo.html
Bugfix missing top_cites.html (in blog2015.html and blog2016.html)
Bugfix missing file ask_scholar.png on mirror http://gpbib.pmacs.upenn.edu/
10 Sep
8 Sep Mirror http://gpbib.pmacs.upenn.edu/ running
New release (1.4884)
6 Sep Working on mirror
30 Aug Bugfix blog2014.html homepages.html now only on my home page.
29 Aug Bugfix README.txt not in use on http://gpbib.cs.ucl.ac.uk/.
Bugfix blog2018.html small download plots not supported at UCL.
28 Aug
25 Aug bugfix post for 22 Aug
23 Aug
22 Aug Bugfix make gecco2007/docs/editors.pdf etc. accessible. Bugfix extend yesterday's misc.html for other previously inaccessible files.
21 Aug Bugfix add misc.html so various files on new UCL server can be accessed by following regular http hyperlinks. (Cf. bugfix on 16 Aug)
19 Aug Redirect set up so URL at BHAM will automatically be redirected to gpbib.cs.ucl.ac.uk (Announced on GP list Mon, Aug 19, 2019 genetic_programming@yahoogroups.com)

Site at BHAM will shutdown soon
18 Aug Note http://liinwww.ira.uka.de/bibliography/Ai/genetic.programming.html switched to http://gpbib.cs.ucl.ac.uk/gp-bibliography.bib earlier this month. (Other CCS bibliographies left pointing to http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~wbl/biblio/ )
New release (1.4868)
16 Aug Bugfix http://gpbib.cs.ucl.ac.uk/ to provide index.html for all necessary sub-directories.
Original site provided directory listing as default for directories without index.html Instead the new server logs autoindex:error Cannot serve directory No matching DirectoryIndex (index.html,index.php) found, and server-generated directory index forbidden by Options directive
11 Aug Added DBLP:journals/corr/abs-1810-10453 Update Atkinson:2019:GECCO
Update URLs from http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~wbl/biblio/ to http://gpbib.cs.ucl.ac.uk/ Also update all remaining http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~wbl URLs so now point to copies at UCL.
New release (1.4858)
9 Aug Make a start on mirroring http://gpbib.cs.ucl.ac.uk/ at med.upenn.edu
4 Aug Bugfix http://gpbib.cs.ucl.ac.uk/download/download.html (bug only applies to new web site).

Add zakirovASB1-4-2017
bugfix AnsariArdeh:2019:GECCOcomp
New release (1.4848)

3 Aug Added Filho:2017:AGS:3131151.3131152
25 Jul Added Zhang:2019:ICSME, Laucelli:2016:JoH, Laucelli:2014:JoH, Altomare:2013:JoH, Altomare:2013:JoH, Fiore:2014:ace
New release (1.4840)
24 Jul Added Altenberg:2016:EC, Bartoli:ieeeTcybernetics.
Update DBLP:journals/corr/abs-1803-03453
New release (1.4837)
23 Jul Added Takagi:2002:SEAL, Durasevic2019, doi:10.1080/10426910701319506, doi:10.1080/10426910701319654,
22 Jul Added Goodman:2019:sigevolution, Adzaga:2017:EM, Claveria:2016:EEE, Claveria:2017:AEL, Claveria:2017:QQ, Claveria:2018:SIR, Claveria:2019:CE, SORIC201964, Claveria:2019:Empirica
Notify people individually of move to http://gpbib.cs.ucl.ac.uk/
21 Jul Make blog easier to read hints on using bibtex, bibtool etc.

Add gecco2019.bib gecco2019comp.bib (UCL only)
Bugfix Xie:2005:AJCAI,

Small subsets of bibtex files containing just the entries needed for a particular latex paper can be extracted using bibtool's -x option. E.g.
bibtool -x paper.aux > paper.bib

New release (1.4823)
20 Jul Bugfix Beretta:2018:complexity and Chen:ieeeTEC:8462796 (notes added to Gayanov:2017:ISSPIT)
Bugfixes for Yintian Liu, June Oh, Anxhela Lungari, Isaac E Lagaris

Add gp-bibliography.ids and gp-bibliography.coa

  • gp-bibliography.ids contains
    • id
    • URL1 file name in gp-html/ of page for author.
    • URL2 of author's home page
    • Rest of the line gives the author's name. It may possibly followed by a list of nick names and alternative spellings, separated by semicolons
  • gp-bibliography.coa Each line contains two author ids followed by a count of the number of GP entries they co-authored or co-editted. (Co-editorships of proceedings are not included.) I.e. three integers. The second id should be larger than the first. (One guy is his own co-author.)

New release (1.4817)

19 Jul Start switch over to http://gpbib.cs.ucl.ac.uk/
11 Jul New release (1.4812)
10 Jul 12,000th GP author Shima Afzali Afzali:2019:evoapplications
Add slides for Humie 2019 finalists (four of the 11 finalist on GP: Basios:2018:FSE, Lynch:2019:Networking, Miranda:2019:gecco, Moore:2019:GPEM )
9 Jul http://gpbib.cs.ucl.ac.uk/ now running
5 Jul Added Kovacic:2019:Energies, Kovacic:2019:MTAEC9
UCL http://gpbib.cs.ucl.ac.uk/ not yet accessible
New release (1.4800)
4 Jul Update an:2019:fse

New release (1.4795)

Start removing support for local copy of homepages.html

New release (1.4794)

3 Jul Start removing download graphs (duplicates download/download.html)
30 Jun Start testing at UCL http://gpbib.cs.ucl.ac.uk/
Start removing gp-coauthors/

New release (1.4791)

26 Jun
In your latex source file, a nice way to add the URL of the paper in the GP-bibliography you are referring is to use one of the bibtex style files with hyperlink support. For example abbrvurl.bst

Something like:



To avoid explicit links in your references section use a bibtex style file such as abbrvurl1.bst, which has inlinelinks enabled. I.e.

#1 'inlinelinks :=

Be aware that abbrvurl1.bst will often give lots of warnings as many bibtex entries have multiple URL. It will take the first one. It does not check that the URL is still working.

In the genetic programming bibliography we try to ensure at least one URL is working for each GP paper. If a URL breaks, eg the file no longer exists, typically the old URL is still visible. It may be able to give valuable clues as to where to now find the paper.

25 Jun Added Harrand:GPEM
20 Jun Update Humie (2019) finalists (four of the 11 finalist on GP: Basios:2018:FSE, Lynch:2019:Networking, Miranda:2019:gecco, Moore:2019:GPEM )
New release (1.4782)
19 Jun Added an:2019:fse. Updated An2017aa
New release (1.4780)
18 Jun Update An2017aa
8 Jun New release (1.4771). New release (1.4767)
7 Jun Updated 2019 Humie entries: deSouza:2018:CEC, Lynch:2019:Networking, Moore:2019:GPEM. Added: assunccao2019automatic, Vu:2019:gecco, Shahrzad:2019:GPTP, Miranda:2019:gecco, Basios:2018:FSE.
23 May Added Goranova:2019:sigevolution
21 May New release (1.4759)
20 May Add Alghamdi:2019:GI7, Dougherty:2019:GI7, Blot:2019:GI7, Bokhari:2019:GI7
Bugfix authors in Krauss:2019:GI
18 May New release (1.4755)
10 May New release (1.4743)
9 May
7 May
3 May Added Mariot:2019:CandC, Durasevic:2018:ESA
New release (1.4726)
30 Apr Update DBLP:journals/information/GeorgievTSR19
27 Apr Add Podusenko:2018:JSAE. Update DBLP:journals/information/GeorgievTSR19 and Tanev:2018:AIMSA
New release (1.4713)
16 Apr Update Leach:2019:GI
Need to move from cs.bham.ac.uk
13 Apr Update Sekanina:2019:GP, Anjum:2019:EuroGP, Assuncao:2019:EuroGP, Atkinson:2019:EuroGP, Azzali:2019:EuroGP, Gervasi:2019:EuroGP, Hu:2019:EuroGP, Husa:2019:EuroGP, Kelly:2019:EuroGP, Kocnova:2019:EuroGP, Koncal:2019:EuroGP, langdon:2019:EuroGP, Lensen:2019:EuroGP, Mariot:2019:EuroGP, McDermott:2019:EuroGP, Nguyen:2019:EuroGP, Sipper:2019:EuroGP, Smith:2019:EuroGP, Zhang:2019:EuroGP
6 Apr
31 Mar Add Gircys:2019:Complexity
Add abstracts and URL for Krauss_2019_GI
New release (1.4685)
29 Mar Bugfix some DOI not working, escape < and > in DOI
Bugfix gp-bibliography.ref
New release (1.4679)
28 Mar Add Tanev:2018:AIMSA and DBLP:journals/information/GeorgievTSR19
Add abstracts etc for Xin:2019:GI, Ding:2019:GI
New release (1.4676). Problem with gp-bibliography.ref re-appeared
27 Mar Add abstracts etc for Blot:2019:GI, Liou:2019:GI
New release (1.4671)
21 Mar New release (1.4659)
21 Mar
20 Mar esparcia-alcazar:2018:MC is the 13000th GP entry. (Announced on GP list Sat, Mar 23, 2019 genetic_programming@yahoogroups.com)
New release (1.4652)
17 Mar
14 Mar New release (1.4638)
10 Mar Added Blot:2019:GI, Krauss:2019:GI, Leach:2019:GI, Xin:2019:GI, Ding:2019:GI, Liou:2019:GI, Alshahwan:2019:GI
3 Mar To try and improve usability for smart phone users. Add viewport and keywords meta tags to top_papers.html top_net.html top_users.html download.html
1 Mar Update index.html
New release (1.4622)
27 Feb
26 Feb Tweak to new HTML lists format and small reduction in size.
25 Feb To try and improve usability for smart phone users, add viewport meta tag and use HTML lists rather than fixed bibtex layout for each GP paper's web page, cf. langdon:2019:GPEM [Sec. 1.4] and stackoverflow.
New release (1.4610)
18 Feb Bugfix GP Home pages to avoid junk curly brackets.
New release (1.4601)
17 Feb
13 Feb Update Howard:2018:iCMLDE
Update GI 2015 slides
12 Feb New release (1.4586)
9 Feb Add Howard:2018:iCMLDE, Howard:2018:iCMLDEb, Howard:2018:iCMLDEc, Wang:2018:FCS.
Bugfix broken URLs for GI-2015 papers.
Add EuroGP-2019 papers.
New releases (1.4583, 1.4576, 1.4575)
30 Jan Added Khan:2019:arXiv
11 Jan Added Kovacic:2018:IJSIMM, Diaz-Alvarez:2018:ComSIS
New release (1.4549)

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