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31 Dec 2013 Added YangYang:thesis, ChuanYue:thesis, LutaoWang:thesis, FengmingYe:thesis, HuiyuZhou:thesis, LuYu:thesis, JinZhou:thesis,
Continue fixup broken URLs and homepages particularly http://www.waseda.jp/sem-*
28 Dec 2013 Added Sarafopoulos:2003:hbca, Sarafopoulos:2006:EVR:1179622.1179646, Sarafopoulos:2012:CiE (extend abstract for Sarafopoulos:2012:CiE).
Replace broken http://link.springer.de/link/service/ URLs with DOIs (use http://www.springerlink.com if already present).
New release (1.2386)
21 Dec 2013 Fix download.html so that flag of Vietnam is displayed.
18 Dec 2013 Added Parejo2011, Wagner2014, Wagner2009,
16 Dec 2013 Added Castelli:thesis
12 Dec 2013 Added Gandomi:2013:IREHM, Castelli:2013:EPIA, Veenhuis:2013:EPIA,
New release (1.2381)
11 Dec 2013 Added Weimer-ase2013
Advances in Genetic Programming 2: replace broken http://cisnet.mit.edu urls with links into IEEE Xplore (also fix some page numbers and abstracts).
12 Dec 2013 Added Islam:thesis, Seaton:thesis,
Continue clean up of broken homepage URLs.
2 Dec 2013 Added Cani:2014:SACtr
2 Dec 2013 New release (1.2377)
27 Nov 2013 Added download by country graphic plot of number of user clicks this week by country Johnson's_new_chart_of_national_emblems%2C_1868.jpg
22 Nov 2013 Added Gulwani:2012:synasc, Gulwani:2012:CACM, education13,
Updated koza:2003:scientific_american
20 Nov 2013 Add missing GP keywords to Li:2013:GECCOcompb
19 Nov 2013 New release (1.2375)
17 Nov 2013 Add Binard:thesis
13-14 Nov 2013 Added Kuperberg:2008:CBSE, Qi:2013:ICCIS, Mollahasani:2011:CG, Babanajad:2013:AiC, Mousavi:2011:JESS, Mousavi:2013:EwC, Mohammadnejad:2012:EES, Aminian:2013:NCA, Shahnazari:2014:JCEM, Alavi:2011:JEQE, Zargari:2012:ES, Alavi:2010:GeoMechEng, Mousavi:2010:StruEngMech, Mousavi:2010:StruEngMech2, Alavi:2010:HP, Alavi:2008:ICECT2, Alavi:2008:ICECT, Heshmati:2009:icce, Moradi:2008:CCE, Mirzahosseini:2010:ISAP, Alavi:2010:HBE, Mollahasani:2011:CCE, Mirzahosseini:2013:TRB, Gandomi:2013:EngStruct, Li:2013:ICONIP, Li:2013:GECCOcompb, Kovacic:2013:RMZ
Updated books/sp/chiong2012/AlaviGM12, Alavi:2013:MWGTE, Alavi2012541, Mousavi2011324, Rashed2011, Shahnazari:2010:EG, Alavi:2010:CBM, Mirzahosseini:2011:ESA, Alavi2011, journals/aes/MousaviAGAB12, Alavi:2010:EwC, Alavi:2014:NCA, Alavi:2010:ijcamieec, Alavi20101239, Sivapragasam:2007:HP, journals/aai/DivsalarJGSM11
More notes for Krogmann:2010:ieeeTSE
12 Nov 2013 Add Weimer:2013:SSBSE
4 Nov 2013 Add doerr_et_al:DR:2013:7:1
19 Oct 2013 Add doi:10.1142/S0218196713500227
16 Oct 2013 Add Vanyi:thesis, Millard:2012:SSBSE
Add more information for Yoo:2012:SSBSE
10 Oct 2013 Add Castle12, Nguyen:2013:ICSE, Xie:2013:SSBSE
9 Oct 2013 Add abstract etc for Lourenco:2013:EA
7 Oct 2013 Add automatic HTML links to GP entries.
5 Oct 2013 Add Azad:2014:EC, Alavi:2014:NCA, Gandomi:2011:KSCEjce, Gandomi:2010:JMMS, Gandomi:2011:SEM, Gandomi:2012:JMCE, Gandomi:2014:MS, Gandomi:2013:MASI_book, Gandomi:2014:NCA, Gandomi:2014:JCEM, Gandomi:2011:COAEI, Gandomi:2010:NH, Gandomi:2008:EASEC, Gandomi:2013:MIT,
Updated Alavi:2013:MWGTE,
New release (1.2365)
Fix broken DOI url in Garg:2013:SSCI
1 Oct 2013 New release (1.2363)
30 Sep 2013 Add Rawat:2013:SSCI, Al-Madi:2013:SSCI, Garg:2013:SSCI, Garg:2013:CIFEr, Lones:2013:SSCI, Lones:2014:ieeeTEC
Update football
29 Sep 2013 Add Sotelo:2013:CBM
8-9 Sep 2013 Add Lourenco:2013:EA, Harman:2013:WCRE, Wilkerson:thesis,
5 Sep 2013 Add Lensberg:2013:QFL,
3 Sep 2013 Update to date with GP journal online first, ECJ 21(3 and 4), IEEE transactions on EC Aug 2013. Update various articles which where on line but are now finally published.
2 Sep Update count on home page to more than 9000 GP entries
29 Aug Update SSBSE 2013 papers with publication DOIs.
25 Aug Added Lipson:book, Replace www.isgec.org links with www.sigevo.org
25 Aug Bugfix cases where URL or DOI not being given url anchor and parts of citations in per author index pages was being shorten. New release (1.2348)
24 Aug Added Aleksandrov:2013:JCSSI fixup two bad DOI.
22-24 Aug Add deGaris:2013:ECAL, Foster:2013:GPEM, Sutton:2013:GPEM plus 90 others. Update Mehrafsa:2013:GPEM, Vanneschi:2013:GPEM, Manzoni:2013:GPEM, New release (1.2344)
12 Aug Update Chan:2009:JED Add evoapps13 and :2012:SEAL
New release (1.2339)
11 Aug Add Allen:thesis, Nguyen:2013:ijamt, Nguyen:2013:asp, Iqbal:2013:SC, Zhang:2013:ieeeCIM, Wang:2013:DEXA,
9 Aug Add Graff-Guerrero:thesis,
Add ISBN13 for CEC 2013 GP papers.
8 Aug Add Freitas:2013:NICSO, Vanneschi:2013:NICSO,
7 Aug Add Kordon:2012:IS
4 Aug Add DOI for CEC 2013 GP papers.
Add Trujillo:2013:EVOLVE, Naredo:2013:GECCO, Trujillo:2013:CEC, Kovacic:2013:QUALITY. Add EVOLVE 2013 GP papers.
New release (1.2333)
2 Aug Add :2013:GECCO GP papers.
1 Aug Add :2013:GECCOcomp GP papers.
21 July Add Bregieiro-Ribeiro:thesis
19 July Add note saying Elyasaf:2012:ieeeTCIAIG GECCO 2013 gold humie winner. Added notes for GP entrants Atiencia-Villagomez:2012:ICIEA Bailey:2012:GECCO, Trujillo201261, Iqbal:2013:ieeeTEC
Add notes for humie 2010 winner (Widera:2009:GPEM) and GP entrants (DBLP:conf/gecco/SchmidtL09b, Schmidt:2009:GPTP, Science09:Schmidt, Hildebrandt:2010:gecco, DBLP:conf/gecco/OrlovS09, Orlov:2011:ieeeTEC).
Add notes for humie 2011 winner (silver Vasicek:2011:DATE, Vasicek:2011:GPEM) and GP entrants Valsalam:thesis, Hyde:2011:ieeeTEC, Shichel:2012:memetic, Matteo:thesis
Add notes for humie 2012 winner CameronBrowne:book, Browne:2012:ICGA.Yavalath (Bronze LeGoues:2012:ICSE, LeGoues:2012:GECCO) and GP entrants Elyasaf:2012:ieeeTCIAIG, Phong:2012:GECCO, rn-12-03, Yoo:2012:SSBSE
New release (1.2323)
15 July Replace broken LNCS URLs for GECCO 2004 by DOIs.
13 July Add *:2013:CEC Add Chennupati:2013:mendel, Martinez-Arellano:2013:mendel, Poli:2013:mendel, XiannengLi:thesis, Li:2013:TEEE, Li:2013:TEEEb New release (1.2319) Fix some broken DOI.
12 July Add Olmo:2011:smc, Olmo:2012:isda, Olmo:2010:paams, Olmo:2010:cec, Romero:2013:exsys, Luna:2010:HAIS, Giri:2013:MMP, Malan2013148.
Updated Olmo:2013:ICAE, Luke2009Metaheuristics (2nd edition now out),
27 June Add page numbers etc. for Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines 14(3) Special issue on biologically inspired music, sound, art and design. Add LeGoues:thesis
25 June Add Jia:2013:CSBSE, Jansen:thesis, Mohr:2013:evolve, New release (1.2308)
12 June Add 16 papers sent by Michael O'Neill. Add DBLP:journals/corr/abs-1303-3145,
9 June Update URL for langdon:book
8-9 June Misc (mostly sciencedirect.com) additions and updated. New release (1.2305)
6-7 June Remove non-ascii characters, (hence gp-bibliography.bib is no longer written in UTF-8 Unicode). See discussion on GP list.
Add Nickerson:2011:CHI, Cody-Kenny:2013:SSBSE,
4 June New URL for kuhlmann:1995:gp
3 June Added several 2012/2013 IEEE. Add Uy2013195. New release (1.2299)
31 May Added Bonyadi:2007:ICEE, Houshmand:2009:ICIS, Rajaei:2011:SCIA,
26 May Rebuild Coauthors graph and:
  • Update JavaScript to remove problem with Chrome Version 23.0.1271.64 on MacOs 10.8.2 reported 23 Nov 2012.
  • More informative cursor tooltip. (Yellow tool tip box not supported by all browsers.)
  • (28 May) Updated gp-coauthors.html
New release (1.2290)
15-26 May Add LeGoues:2012:GECCO, Schulte:2013:ARB:2451116.2451151, Orlov:2012:CC, Sipper:2012:USE:2406356.2406358, Benbassat:2012:CIG, Afzal:thesis, Motsinger-Reif:2010:BDM, Ofria:2002:ieeeTEC, Valencia:2007:SenSys, DBLP:journals/corr/abs-1105-1534, Mabrouk:2011:ALR, Mabrouk:thesis,
Correct URLs in Xie:2013fk, Valencia:2007:SenSys,
10 May New release (1.2285)
9 May Add online first Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines articles. Up to date with Evolutionary Computation. Up to date with IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation.
2 May Added leitner2012marsterrain
30 Apr Added Cano:2013:JSUP
18 Apr Update GP+EM June 2013
16 Apr Added Theodoridis:2013:ieeeHMS
10-14 Apr Update xxx:2013:ecgpu, Poli:2013:TPMDM Cano:2011:SC, Marquez-Vera:2013:AI, EuroGP-2013 papers (ISBN13, DOI), EvoBIO-2013 papers (Add ISBN13, DOI, abstracts, update page numbers). Elyasaf:2012:ieeeTCIAIG, Elyasaf2011, DBLP:conf/gecco/HauptmanESK09.
Added Cano:2013:INS, Luna:2013:DKE, Olmo:2013:ICAE, Luna:2013:KAIS, Olmo:2012:SC, Cano:2013:JPDC, Olmo-Ortiz:thesis, Krawiec:2013:EvoIASP, Krawiec01pairwisecomparison, KrawiecBhanu03, Elyasaf2011a, Hauptman2010.
New release (1.2278)
7 Apr New release (1.2269)
26 Mar Bug fix script to generate homepages to replace embedded & in a few URL (which firefox refused to recognise) with underscores.
24 Mar - 7 Apr Invite new GP authors to participate

Added Gures:thesis, Kashtan:thesis, Tufail:thesis, Vukusic:thesis. Schneider.ev2000, DBLP:conf/icaisc/DeniziakW12, Chattoe:thesis, Chattoe:2001:OundG, Chattoe-Brown:2013:SSC, Benes201392, EUSIPCO:2010, EUSIPCO:2011, Ochoa:1998:PPSN, Ochoa:2005:EA, Krasnogor:2005:EA, DBLP:conf/ausai/AhmedZP12, DBLP:conf/ausai/FuJZ12, DBLP:conf/ausai/ScobleJZ12, Giustolisi:2011:JH, Carbone:2012:JH, Savic:2006:wama, Berardi:2009:WST, Giustolisi:2009:JWRPM, Hoang:thesis, Ahangar-Asr:2011:EC, Fattah:2012:OGB, denardi08coevolutionary, Laucelli:2011:EMS, Rezania:2010:CG, Markus:2010:JH, Doglioni:2010:HSJ, Giustolisi:2008:WRR, Giustolisi:2008:wama, Giustolisi:2006:CEES, McConaghy:2009:ieeeTCAD, McConaghy:2011:CICC, Palmers:2009:DATE, Loeckx:2009:EMC, Gao:2008:ICCAD, McConaghy:2008:ICCAD, Gielen:2007:ECCTD, McConaghy:2006:DATE, Martens:book, Momm:2011:JARS, Raja:book, Marquez-Vera:2013:AI

Updated journals/ijbic/ShetaRA12, Vazquez-Rodriguez:2011:JORS, Lichocki:2012:ieeeTEC, mcconaghy:2005:GPTP, McConaghy_2005_iscas, McConaghy_2005_iscas_2, Mcconaghy:2007:GPTP, Mcconaghy:2008:GPTP, McConaghy:thesis, McConaghy:2009:GPTP, McConaghy:2009:ieeeCADICS, McConaghy:2010:intro, McConaghy:2010:GPTP, McConaghy:2011:GPTP, McConaghy:2012:ieeetec, O'Reilly:2009:GPTP, journals/kais/LunaRV12,

19 Mar Added Khan:2012:Genomics
14 Mar Added DBLP:journals/corr/abs-1211-5098
13 Mar Add URL for Georgiou:thesis New release (1.2245)
12 Mar Add missing DOI for CEC2011 (some page numbers may still be wrong). Where possible (except masters theses), add missing URLs for 2011 GP papers.

Add missing DOI for WCCI 2012. Where possible, add missing URLs for 2012 GP papers.

11 Mar Add pages, ISBN13, publisher for ICEC2010, Add DOI and abstract for SEAL 2010. Where possible, add URLs for 2010 GP papers.
10 Mar Added blog link to LeBaron:2012:GPEM
Luke:ECJ mentioned on GP list
6 Mar Updated Mun09 including new URL. New release (1.2233).
8 Mar Add URL for Loughran:thesis
5 Mar Add Xie:2013fk
4-5 Mar Ensure all CEC 2009 have DOI and page numbers, all GPTP 2009 have DOI, ISBN13 and abstracts, all EvoWorkshops2009 have ISBN, volume, pages and DOI, Where possible, add URLs for 2009 GP papers.
1 Mar Bring up to date with ECJ just accepted and forthcoming, and IEEE transactions on EC. New release (1.2227).
22 Feb Bring up to date with GP+EM 14(1) March 2013 and online first.
22 Feb Update Majeed:thesis, Wilson:thesis and woodward:thesis, Woodward:2012:GECCOcomp, football
21 Feb Ensure all WCCI 2008 have DOI and page numbers. Ensure entries in Evolutionary Computation in Practice have abstract and DOI. Where possible, add URLs for 2008 GP papers (except masters thesis and technical reports). New release (r1.2220).
20 Feb Ensure all CEC 2007 and EvoWorkshops2007 have DOI. Where possible, add URLs for 2007 GP papers (except masters thesis and technical reports). New release (r1.2217).
9-10 Feb Ensure all WCCI 2006 have DOI. Ensure All GTPT 2006 have pages and DOI (remove bad chapter numbers and fixup a few abstracts) Add DOI and update page numbers to online version in "Genetic Systems Programming: Theory and Experiences" Nedjah & de Macedo Mourelle (eds.) Where possible, add URLs for 2006 GP papers (except GECCO 2006 late breaking and workshops, student papers masters thesis and technical reports). New release (r1.2211).
9 Feb Updates to EuroGP 2013 (from Ting Hu's 2nd EuroGP13.bib)
8 Feb Update goldman:2013:EuroGP
6 Feb Add GP at EvoBIO 2013 papers. New release (r1.2202).
1 Feb Add EuroGP'2013 papers.

Fixup so old broken url external WBT.cgi no longer gives Error: user w.langdon (external) not found

31 Jan Add GP at ECML PKDD 2012. New release (r1.2197). (Some existing entries incorrecly flagged as "new" because of release script's simple minded use of diff on bibtex "@xxx" keys)
29-31 Jan Where possible, add URLs for 2005 GP papers (except masters thesis and technical reports). Ensure all :2005:gptp and CEC2005, EvoCOP2005 have DOI and abstract. Remove duplicates (worzel:2005:GPTP, Brabazon:2005:JIS)
28 Jan Add Kronberger:2010:EMSS
26 Jan Add page numbers etc for IEEE trans on EC Feb 2013
22 Jan Add Karim:2012:MC Kovacic:2013:KomPlasTech Kovacic:2013:CMMS New release (r1.2188)
20 Jan Add URL for kovacic:thesis and marked GA
19-20 Jan Where possible, add URLs for 2004 GP papers (except masters thesis and technical reports). Correct page numbers in "Frontiers of Evolutionary Computation" and ensure each chapter has DOI. Several abstracts for ASPGP04. Ensure all EvoWorkshops2004 have DOI (repair some abstracts). Ensure all CEC 2004 have DOI. Consolidate duplicate entry.
17 Jan Add jaskowski11algorithms
15 Jan Add Poli:2013:TPMDM
14 Jan Add FOGA 2013 GP papers. Updated Kaliakatsos-Papakostas:2012:SC
9 Jan New release (r1.2171)
8 Jan Update "Massively Parallel Evolutionary Computation on GPGPUs", 2013, chapters.
7 Jan Added Biswas:2011:MMP
6 Jan Added Giri:2013:ASC
3-9 Jan Ensure all GPTP RioloWorzel:2003 have ISBN, DOI, abstract. Correct their page numbers. Ensure all EvoWorkshops2003 have DOI, ISBN13 and abstract. Ensure all GECCO 2003 (LNCS 2723 and 2724) have have DOI. Ensure all CEC 2003 have keywords, DOI and abstract. Where possible, add URLs for 2003 GP papers (except GECCO 2003 late breaking and workshops, student papers masters thesis and technical reports).
2 Jan Put Tomassini:2007:GPEM small world graph GP coauthor social network on line at ftp.cs.ucl.ac.uk

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