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29 Dec New release (1.3989)
28 Dec Added Kovacic:2017:MT
New release (1.3988)
17 Dec Added Ryser-Welch:thesis
2 Dec Added Hong:2018:ASC
28 Nov Repair doi in Grochol2017
Remove Kusy2013 as it is a duplicate of Kusy:2013:MBEC. Update Kusy:2013:MBEC
New release (1.3973)
27 Nov Added Ceska:2017:ICCAD, DOBAI2017173, Grochol2017 (MENDEL 2016), 7926993 (DATE 2017), 2968 (Radioengineering), 7987592 (ISVLSI 2017), 7927241 (DATE 2017), iglasz:2017:GlobalSIP, deAraujo:2018:EAAI
22 Nov Added Lones:2017:JMS
New release (1.3963)
20 Nov Added Hidalgo2017b, DIAZALVAREZ2017
Updated Durasevic:GPEM, Hidalgo:2017:evoApplications
16 Nov Added Grossi:2017:CIG Brown:2017:GP_Diablo, Dzalbs:2017:miller, Lambert:2007:IJECE, Sapargaliyev:2008:ICES, Lambert:2007:IJECEa, Sapargaliyev:2010:JSEA, Sapargaliyev:2010:AHS, Sapargaliyev:2011:JSEA
New release (1.3949)
15 Nov Added Belmadani2016-bn, lensen2017new, Petrowski:2017:EAch6, Thesis_AJSC, 10.1371/journal.pone.0158230, s16122124, Marini2016Martech
Update home page for Guillermo Suarez-Tangil
14 Nov Added KhanchiHZ17
13 Nov Moved links to GenProg to https://squareslab.github.io/genprog-code/
12 Nov New release (1.3927) New release (1.3921)
9 Nov New release (1.3915)
4 Nov New release (1.3905)
1 Nov
26 Oct

New release (1.3896)

10 Oct Add Yang:2015a:EP, Li:2015:ASC, Tahmassebi:2017:ds-o, Tahmassebi:2017:PEARC
Update Wong:2014:CEC

Correct some details for EvoApplications 2016 (eg doi, Part 2 ISBN and LNCS volume).

New release (1.3872)

28 Sep Fix download.html so that flag is shown for .KG domain. Update quick time movie url in DBLP:journals/tog/Sitthi-amornMWL11

21 Aug Update clack:1997:adcb

19 Aug Fixup a few PDF url access problems introduced by new version of bibclean (wbl 3.02), cf. blog 7 Aug. (Reported on GP discussion list.)

13 Aug Update DanandehMehr:2017:EMS

Update for Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines 18(3) September 2017 which includes a special peer commentary on grammatical evolution (introduction in Spector:2017:GPEM ).

New release (1.3838)

10 Aug Bugfix PadilloLV17
9 Aug New release (1.3828)
8 Aug Bugfix file protections on many xxx.bib bibtex files.
Add NoamanLRV16, PadilloLV17, Raja:IEEEAccess
Reformat yesterday's blog entry
7 Aug Rebuild co-authorship graphs

Following upgrades to The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies, ensure almost entries pass bibclean version wbl 3.02. However still ignoring warnings:

  • Unexpected DOI in URL value
  • Possible DOI in URL value
  • Expected protocol://... (1 case)
Bibclean is still generating several incorrect warnings:
  • Unexpected space or list separator in DOI value Final period/dot/fullstop is unexpected (1 case)
  • Literal ellipsis ... should probably be \ldots{} in BibTeX title

New release (1.3810)

6 Aug Add Naredo:2017:SC, Fagan:2017:IJCNN, Staats:2016:mastersthesis,
New release (1.3799)
30 July, 1-2 Aug Following upgrades to The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies, ensure wsc2002.bib sigevo_gec2009.bib rasc*.bib gptp2003.bib ices*.bib icaris*.bib his*.bib foga*.bib ppsn*.bib eh????.bib icannga2005.bib gecco*.bib evows*.bib cec*.bib passes bibclean version wbl 3.02
28 July Update seo:2002:IJCSS
25 July Add hansen:2016:bams
7 July New release (1.3788)
2 July Add Thesis_Fan_v2.1
Updated Cardenas-Valdez:2015:NEO and Goribar:2015:NEO
24 June Update entries for SBST 2017.
Add Castelli:2017:CandC
Add GP entries for 2017 Humies
New release (1.3779)
17 June Add Beck:2015:BDM, Baker:2014:DBV:2638404.2638521, Baker:2014:ICMLC. Update Beck:2014:PLoSONE.
16 June Update URL for PeterMartin:masters,
11 June Add castelli:2017:jaihc
New release (1.3762)
30 May Add yin:2016:jaiscr
New release (r1.3752)
29 May Up to date with GP+EM 18(2) June 2017
26 May Add bruce:RN1701
Removed Statistics page link in sitemeter.com as is no longer working (Tried again 4-8 June but no improvement.)
24 May New release (r1.3741)
20 May Added GI-2017 papers including Haraldsson:2017:GI, which makes Kristin Siggeirsdottir the 10000th GP author. (Announced on GP discussion list 22 May 2017. 10,000th GP paper was reached 29 Mar 2015)

New release (r1.3733)

19 May Add Fenton:ieeeTCyB, Lynch:2017:evoApplications,
New release (r1.3724)
18 May
1 May New release (r1.3716)
29 Apr New release (r1.3713)
25 Apr Add note that Kelly:2017:EuroGP won best paper at EuroGP 2017
10 Apr Larry M. Deschaine Deschaine:thesis and Varut Guvanasen win AAEES 2017 Research Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science Competition http://www.aaees.org/e3scompetition-winners-2017gp-research.php
10 Apr New release (r1.3701)
25 Mar Bug fixed conference name in GECCO 2015 and GECCO 2016
New release (r1.3680)
18 Mar Add Graff:2016:ROPEC, Graff:2015:NEO, LaCava:2016:EAAI, LaCava:thesis
Bug fixed editors of PPSN-2016
New release (r1.3664)
5 Mar Add another URL for Tackett:1994:thesis
28 Feb Add PolyfinicJAR
27 Feb Add Loughran2017
26 Feb Fix problem with bad out going link for Amir H. Gandomi
19 Feb Bug fixed.
Some out going links with explicit named anchors, such as https://www.educacion.es/teseo/imprimirFicheroTesis.do?fichero=16774#2010lombrprogr.pdf do not work.
Work around:
Cut text and paste it into your browser by hand.
(Actually today there is also an unrelated problem with https://www.educacion.es/)
New release (r1.3641)
18 Feb New release (r1.3640)
10 Feb Bugfix url in Phelan:2016:sigevo

New release (r1.3632)

25 Jan New release (r1.3624)
24 Jan Add Kovacic:2017:KomPlasTech, Moskowitz:thesis
14 Jan Add Fitzgerald:2015:ECTArevised, Mrazek:2016:ICCAD, Sanchez-Clemente:2016:ieeeTReliability, Vasicek:2016:FPL, Mrazek:2016:PATMOS, Dobai:2015:TRETS
New release (r1.3617)
2 Jan Remove top_cites.html
New release (r1.3607)

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