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29 Dec Bugfix page numbers etc. for Chakraborti:2015:csdc, langdon:2015:csdc, Miller:2015:csdc, Spector:2015:csdc
28 Dec Add ka-sh-15a, ho-ah-ka-15a, ka-14a, ho-ka-pl-14a, sh-ka-br-14b, gl-ka-14a, sh-ka-br-14a, ka-13a, gl-ka-13a, ka-gl-gr-12a, ka-gl-pl-12a, ka-en-pl-10a, kn-ka-gl-10a, bo-ka-09, ka-pl-pl-2009, gl-gr-08, gl-to-08, kn-de-08, ka-pl-07, ka-pl-07a, ka-pl-06a,
New release (r1.3603)
14 Dec Add http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/W.Langdon/ftp/papers/scase_1999/
10 Dec New release (r1.3590)
6 Dec Bugfix author name in Mariani:2016:GECCO
2 Dec Added Azad:2017:GPEM

New release (r1.3579)

1 Dec Added Martinez:2017:ESE
CEC-2016 DOIs appear ok now.
25 Nov Unfortunately the DOI supplied by IEEE Xplore for CEC-2016 are not yet working, although the papers are available via IEEE Xplore.

New release (r1.3572)

23 Nov No logs from Mon, 21 Nov 2016 to Wed, 23 Nov 2016
22 Nov Following GP discussion list update CEC-2016, e.g., Lobao:2016:CEC (see also 25 Nov).
21 Nov Add Naredo:2016:IS
New release (r1.3571)
15 Nov Bugfix DOI in Haraldsson:2015:gi
12 Nov Add Kovacic:2016:RMZ, Kaufmann:2011:OCpscs,
New release (r1.3564)
11 Nov Announcement on GP List that more than 10208 GP entries are online.
5 Nov Fix download.html so that nowhere.jpg is shown for .io domain.
1 Nov New release (r1.3554)
31 Oct Add Mingo:2016:IS,
New release (r1.3543)
26 Oct New release (r1.3525)
21 Oct Add Wang:2015:ieeeKDE
New release (r1.3512)
29 Sep New release (r1.3496)
Bugfix author names in Ken:2015:ieeeSSCI, Kren:2015:ieeeSMC, Smid:2015:ieeeSSCI,
25 Sep Now also have bugfixes for download.gif thumbnail.gif download.html
24 Sep Following filling log buffer on September 21 2016 bugfix top_net.html top_papers.html top_users.html
download.html still to be fixed
21 Sep Hopefully work around jabref error, reported by Krzysztof Krawiec
15 Sep New release (r1.3480)
14 Sep Bugfix month in Bruce:2016:sigevolution

Bugfix two minor broken link problems cause by knock on from 10 Sep rebuild of co-authorship graphs.

Fix download.html so that flag is shown for .MM domain.

New release (r1.3473)

13 Sep Add 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1005001,
12 Sep Add Swan:2016:GPTP, Pandey20141047, Pandey:2012:GAC:2381716.2381766, Pandey2016453, Gandomi:2016:AiC, Kiani:2016:jmce, Gandomi:2016:MOD, Olson2016EvoBio, Olson2016GPTP
10 Sep Rebuild co-authorship graphs
9 Sep New release (r1.3463)
8 Sep New release (r1.3455)
3 Sep Add remaining GP entries from GECCO 2016 and companion
New release (r1.3449)
2 Sep Complete bibtex files for GECCO 2016 and companion
31 Aug - 1 Sep Update bibtex files for GECCO 2016 and companion

add pages, doi: and isbn13 for GECCO 2016 and companion (also bugfix doi in Bartoli:2016:GECCOcomp) however still incomplete.
New release (r1.3441)

23 Aug New release (r1.3436)
cs.bham.ac.uk down 22 August
21 Aug New release (r1.3431)
19 Aug New release (r1.3428)
16 Aug Add Kalkreuth:2016:cec

Add SSBSE-2016 GI related papers.

4 Aug New release (r1.3415)
1 Aug Note winners of 2016 Humies. (discussion list.)
20 Jul Added Zojaji:2016:AI
19 Jul Ensure all GP entries to 2016 HUMIES are included.
New release (r1.3407)
12 Jul Add GECCO 2016 best paper nominations
2 Jul Update bibtex files for GECCO 2016 and companion
Add posters, late breading abstracts and hot of the press GP papers at GECCO 2016
New release (r1.3381)
28 Jun Add 155-kovacic
Add full GP papers at GECCO 2016 (no posters etc.)
New release (r1.3376)
23 Jun Update Kocsis:2016:GI
7 Jun update Genetic Improvement 2016 Workshop papers: Bokhari:2016:GI, Garciarena:2016:GI, Kocsis:2016:GI, langdon:2016:GI, Lopez:2016:GI, Petke:2016:GI, Wagner:2016:GI, Woodward:2016:GI, Woodward:2016:GIa
New release (r1.3358)
3 Jun Add Kattan:2016:IS
New release (r1.3355)
1 Jun Add EvoBafin16Agapitosetal, EvoIasp16Loughranetal
New release (r1.3343)
27 May Update Lopez-Herrejon:2015:gi
24 May Add Silva-Belisario:thesis
23 May Reminder the gawk tools/bbl_others.awk script can be used to shorten long lists of authors and editors to et al.
22 May Improve the way top_net.html is updated.
essex.ac.uk moves up to position 10, second only to ucd.ie as non-commercial top users of the GP bibliography paper down load facilities.
18 May Add BCK-thesis
New release (r1.3332)
16 May Improve the way top_cites.html is updated
15 May Remove a few duplicates
14 May New release (r1.3326)
13 May Bugfix: add fuente2013computational
12 May Add langdon:2016:GI, White:2016:GI, Petke:2016:GI, Wagner:2016:GI, Bokhari:2016:GI, Kocsis:2016:GI, Lopez:2016:GI, Woodward:2016:GI, Woodward:2016:GIa, Garciarena:2016:GI,
New release (r1.3324)
5 May Add taou2016towards, smith2015computational, lones2015evolving, fuente2015harmonic, turner2015evolving, lacy2015comparison, lacy2015forming, lones2016computing, turner2013incorporation, fuente2013computational, lones2011controlling.
30 Apr New release (r1.3307)
11, 22 Apr Note Meaning of pdf icon 
The PDF icon is used to indicate a direct link to the PDF of a paper.
For example in gp-html/monperrus_hal-01206501.html the bibtex has the URL of the paper on the web pages www.monperrus.net

1) Some bib entries contain multiple url fields.
In some cases there are multiple locations holding a paper. URLs age badly. For example, a URL may deliver the paper and then break some time later.
Typically the bibtex will list the available working URLs in the paper's BibTeX entry, in the hope that should one or more fail, the users of the GP bibliography will still be able to access the paper via one of the other web addresses. So if one URL for a paper does not work, please try the others. Where a URL appears to be totally broken and there is little hope for repair it may eventually be removed.

2) If the url field serves a PDF but does not end with ".pdf" (such as http://arxiv.org/pdf/1410.6651), no nice PDF icon is shown.
The URL icon type is derived from the file type indicated by the url following the usually unix file naming conventions. E.g. if the url ends in .pdf, it is assumed to be pointing to a PDF file.

18 Apr Add He:2016:SC
New release (r1.3284)
11 Apr Add 110008152437, 7025832
9 Apr Add Afzal2016, Mousavi:2015:ASC
8 Apr New release (r1.3266)
6 Apr Update EuroGP 2016 (editors, add ISBN13 and doi, correct page numbers).
3 Apr New release (r1.3264)
top_cites.html updated monthly rather than daily.
24 Mar http://springerlink.metapress.com is dead. Ensure all entries using it have a DOI:
19 Mar Add Trujillo:2016:IS, Hughes:2016:CEC, Ashlock:2016:CEC
New release (1.3254)
7 Mar Added Ramirez:2016:ESR, Cano:2016:SC
4 Mar Active etc. links restored
1 Mar Tao Chen agrees to help with bibliography
27 Feb Correct title in grimbleby:1995:
26 Feb Most of bibliography restored. Active etc. links not working
22 Feb Bibliography taken off line by University of Birmingham IT Services
20 Feb EvoCOP 2016 bibtex online.
New release (1.3237)
19 Feb Add bruce2015reducing
18 Feb Add WaleedAljandal2009. Fix broken URLs.
13 Feb Modest bugfix to top_cites.html (try to ensure all highly cited GP books are covered). NB Scholar has GP authors page.
10 Feb Add Zojaji:2016:aplint
8-9 Feb Add Kovacic:2016:GPEM. Add papers to be presented at EuroGP 2016
New release (1.3223)
4 Feb Update URLs in grant:msc
Modest bugfix to top_cites.html
1 Feb Add Sekanina:2016:WAPCO, Kovacic:2016:MT
New release (1.3213)
22-23 Jan Add 1274130 (GECCO-2007 GP fitness landscapes tutorial), 1277209 (GECCO-2007 GA paper refered to by 1274130)
New release (1.3207)
17 Jan Changes to top_cites.html so can better deal with several papers all called Genetic Programming.
Bugfix title in hoang:2005:GPTP
15 Jan Add Armani_2010, Armani_2011_1, Armani_2011_2, Armani_2012, Armani_2013
Bugfix poli08:_linear_estim_distr_gp_system add missing GP keywords
New release (1.3197)
6 Jan Update home page for Umberto Armani.
3 Jan Bugfix title of koza:gp3
Even although it is still experimental, restore link to top_cites.html to main page.
New release (1.3188)
1-3 Jan More maintenance on top_cites.html

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