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GP coauthors/coeditors: Varun Aggarwal, Markus Brameier, Josien Haan, Andrea Krings, Amine Heddad, Matthias Mauch, Austin Burt, Armand M Leroi, Julian Togelius, Simon M Lucas, Ho Duc Thang, Jonathan M Garibaldi, Tomoharu Nakashima, Chin Hiong Tan, Itamar Elhanany, Shay Berant, Philip Hingston, Thomas Haferlach, Aravind Gowrisankar, Peter Burrow,

Genetic Programming Articles by Robert M MacCallum

  1. Robert M. MacCallum and Matthias Mauch and Austin Burt and Armand M. Leroi. Evolution of music by public choice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109(30):12081-12086, 2012. details

  2. Julian Togelius and Simon Lucas and Ho Duc Thang and Jonathan M. Garibaldi and Tomoharu Nakashima and Chin Hiong Tan and Itamar Elhanany and Shay Berant and Philip Hingston and Robert M. MacCallum and Thomas Haferlach and Aravind Gowrisankar and Pete Burrow. The 2007 IEEE CEC simulated car racing competition. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines, 9(4):295-329, 2008. details

  3. Markus Brameier and Andrea Krings and Robert M. MacCallum. NucPred Predicting nuclear localization of proteins. Bioinformatics, 23(9):1159-1160, 2007. details

  4. Markus Brameier and Josien Haan and Andrea Krings and Robert M MacCallum. Automatic discovery of cross-family sequence features associated with protein function. BMC bioinformatics [electronic resource], 7(16) 2006. details

  5. Robert M. MacCallum. Striped sheets and protein contact prediction. Bioinformatics, 20(Suppl 1):I224-I231, 2004. details

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