Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Liang Feng

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Yew-Soon Ong, Caishun Chen, Xianshun Chen, Zhixing Huang, Jinghui Zhong, Yi Mei, Wentong Cai, Ying Li, Qin-zhe Xiao, Linbo Luo, Jianming Lv, Ruihua Zeng, Yongliang Chen, Linhao Li, Weili Liu, Xiao-Min Hu, Wan Du,

Genetic Programming Articles by Liang Feng

  1. Qin-zhe Xiao and Jinghui Zhong and Liang Feng and Linbo Luo and Jianming Lv. A Cooperative Coevolution Hyper-Heuristic Framework for Workflow Scheduling Problem. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 15(1):150-163, 2022. details

  2. Jinghui Zhong and Liang Feng and Wentong Cai and Yew-Soon Ong. Multifactorial Genetic Programming for Symbolic Regression Problems. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 50(11):4492-4505, 2020. details

  3. Jinghui Zhong and Zhixing Huang and Liang Feng and Wan Du and Ying Li. A hyper-heuristic framework for lifetime maximization in wireless sensor networks with a mobile sink. IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica, 7(1):223-236, 2020. details

  4. Zhixing Huang and Jinghui Zhong and Liang Feng and Yi Mei and Wentong Cai. A fast parallel genetic programming framework with adaptively weighted primitives for symbolic regression. Soft Comput., 24(10):7523-7539, 2020. details

  5. Jinghui Zhong and Liang Feng and Yew-Soon Ong. Gene Expression Programming: A Survey [Review Article]. IEEE Computational intelligence magazine, 12(3):54-72, 2017. details

  6. Liang Feng and Yew-Soon Ong and Caishun Chen and Xianshun Chen. Conceptual modeling of evolvable local searches in memetic algorithms using linear genetic programming: a case study on capacitated vehicle routing problem. Soft Computing, 20(9):3745-3769, 2016. details

Genetic Programming conference papers by Liang Feng