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GP coauthors/coeditors: Yongliang Chen, Mingkui Tan, Tiantian Cheng, Junlan Dong, Wei-Neng Chen, Jun Zhang, Nikola Gligorovski, Nan Hu, Joey Tianyi Zhou, Suiping Zhou, Wentong Cai, Christopher Monterola, Zhixing Huang, Weili Liu, Zhou Wu, Chengyu Lu, Liang Feng, Yi Mei, Dongrui Li, Ying Li, Jiaquan Yang, Shibin Wang, Tingyang Wei, Yue-Jiao Gong, Jiankai Wu, Shichang Xie, Qin-zhe Xiao, Zhi-Hui Zhan, Linbo Luo, Jianming Lv, Ruihua Zeng, Michael Lees, Yew-Soon Ong, Yusen Lin, Linhao Li, Xiao-Min Hu, Wan Du, Lianjie Zhong,

Genetic Programming Articles by Jinghui Zhong

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Genetic Programming conference papers by Jinghui Zhong

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