Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Harrison X Bai

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Ji Whae Choi, Rong Hu, Yijun Zhao, Subhanik Purkayastha, Jing Wu, Aidan J McGirr, S William Stavropoulos, Alvin C Silva, Michael C Soulen, Matthew B Palmer, Paul J L Zhang, Chengzhang Zhu, Sun Ho Ahn, Dan Li, Huizhou Li, Yeyu Cai, Paul J Zhang, Sukhdeep Singh, Ken Chang, Raymond Y Huang, Alvin Silva, Zishu Zhang, Ianto Lin Xi, Robin Wang, Marcello Chang, Martin Vallieres, Peiman Habibollahi, Yong Fan, Beiji Zou, Terence P Gade,

Genetic Programming Articles by Harrison X Bai

  1. Dan Li and Rong Hu and Huizhou Li and Yeyu Cai and Paul J Zhang and Jing Wu and Chengzhang Zhu and Harrison X Bai. Performance of automatic machine learning versus radiologists in the evaluation of endometrium on computed tomography. Abdominal radiology, 46(11):5316-5324, 2021. details

  2. Ji Whae Choi and Rong Hu and Yijun Zhao and Subhanik Purkayastha and Jing Wu and Aidan J. McGirr and S. William Stavropoulos and Alvin C. Silva and Michael C. Soulen and Matthew B. Palmer and Paul J. L. Zhang and Chengzhang Zhu and Sun Ho Ahn and Harrison X. Bai. Preoperative prediction of the stage, size, grade, and necrosis score in clear cell renal cell carcinoma using MRI-based radiomics. Abdominal Radiology, 46(6):2656-2664, 2021. Special Section on Ovarian Cancer. details

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