GECCO 2008 Companion

Late-Breaking Papers Table of Contents

Attack Analysis & Bio-Inspired Security Framework for IP Multimedia Subsystem (Page 2093)
Aliya Awais (National University of Sciences & Technology)
Muddassar Farooq (National University of Sciences & Technology)
Muhammad Younus Javed (National University of Sciences & Technology)

Evolutionary Facial Feature Selection (Page 2099)
Aaron K. Baughman (IBM Global Services)

A Synergistic Approach for Evolutionary Optimization (Page 2105)
Maumita Bhattacharya (Charles Sturt University)

Handling Uncertainty with a Real-Coded EA (Page 2111)
Maumita Bhattacharya (Charles Sturt University)

Reduced Computation for Evolutionary Optimization in Noisy Environment (Page 2117)
Maumita Bhattacharya (Charles Sturt University)

Multi-objective Memetic Approach for Flexible Process Sequencing Problems (Page 2123)
Jian-Hong Chen (Chung-Hua University)
Jian-Hung Chen (Chung-Hua University)

A Comparison of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms with Informed Initialization and Kuhn-Munkres Algorithm for the Sailor Assignment Problem (Page 2129)
Dipankar Dasgupta (University of Memphis)
German Hernandez (University of Memphis)
Deon Garrett (University of Memphis)
Pavan Kalyan Vejandla (University of Memphis)
Aishwarya Kaushal (University of Memphis)
Ramjee Yerneni (University of Memphis)
James Simien (Navy Personnel Research, Studies, and Technology)

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Incorporating Model Identifiability into Equation Discovery of ODE Systems (Page 2135)
Dirk J. W. De Pauw (Ghent University)
Bernard De Baets (Ghent University)

A Fuzzy-Genetic Approach to Network Intrusion Detection (Page 2141)
Terrence P. Fries (Coastal Carolina University)

Towards Memoryless Model Building (Page 2147)
David Iclănzan (Babeş-Bolyai University)
D. Dumitrescu (Babeş-Bolyai University)

Using Feature-based Fitness Evaluation in Symbolic Regression with Added Noise (Page 2153)
Janine H. Imada (Brock University)
Brian J. Ross (Brock University)

Multi-Task Code Reuse in Genetic Programming (Page 2159)
Wojciech Jaśkowski (Poznan University of Technology)
Krzysztof Krawiec (Poznan University of Technology)
Bartosz Wieloch (Poznan University of Technology)

Bond-Graphs + Genetic Programming: Analysis of an Automatically Synthesized Rotary Mechanical System (Page 2165)
Saheeb A. Kayani (National University of Sciences and Technology)
Muhammad A. Malik (National University of Sciences and Technology)

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Developing Neural Structure of Two Agents That Play Checkers Using Cartesian Genetic Programming (Page 2169)
Gul Muhammad Khan (University of York)
Julian F. Miller (University of York)
David M. Halliday (University of York)

Potential Fitness for Genetic Programming (Page 2175)
Krzysztof Krawiec (Poznan University of Technology)
Przemysław Polewski (Poznan University of Technology)

Threshold Selecting: Best Possible Probability Distribution for Crossover Selection in Genetic Algorithms (Page 2181)
Jörg Lässig (Chemnitz University of Technology)
Karl Heinz Hoffmann (Chemnitz University of Technology)
Mihaela Enăchescu (Stanford University)

Self-Managing Agents for Dynamic Scheduling in Manufacturing (Page 2187)
Ana Madureira (School of Engineering of Porto Rua)
Filipe Santos (School of Engineering of Porto Rua)
Ivo Pereira (School of Engineering of Porto Rua)

Risk Prediction and Risk Factors Identification from Imbalanced Data with RPMBGA+ (Page 2193)
Topon K. Paul (Toshiba Corporation)
Ken Ueno (Toshiba Corporation)
Koichiro Iwata (Toshiba Corporation)
Toshio Hayashi (Toshiba Corporation)
Nobuyoshi Honda (Toshiba Corporation)

Parameterizing Pair Approximations for Takeover Dynamics (Page 2199)
Joshua L. Payne (The University of Vermont)
Margaret J. Eppstein (The University of Vermont)

Evolutionary Algorithm Considering Program Size: Efficient Program Evolution Using GRAPE (Page 2217)
Shinichi Shirakawa (Yokohama National University)
Tomoharu Nagao (Yokohama National University)

A Novel Methodology for Diversity Preservation in Evolutionary Algorithms (Page 2223)
Giovanni Squillero (Politecnico di Torino)
Alberto P. Tonda (Politecnico di Torino)

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Opportunistic Evolution: Efficient Evolutionary Computation on Large-Scale Computational Grids (Page 2227)
Keith Sullivan (George Mason University)
Sean Luke (George Mason University)
Curt Larock (Parabon Computing Inc.)
Sean Cier (Parabon Computing Inc.)
Steven Armentrout (Parabon Computing Inc.)

Using Quotient Graphs to Model Neutrality in Evolutionary Search (Page 2233)
Dominic Wilson (University of Toledo)
Devinder Kaur (University of Toledo)

Double-deck Elevator System Using Genetic Network Programming with Genetic Operators Based on Pheromone Information (Page 2239)
Lu Yu (Waseda University)
Jin Zhou (Waseda University)
Fengming Ye (Waseda University)
Shingo Mabu (Waseda University)
Kaoru Shimada (Waseda University)
Kotaro Hirasawa (Waseda University)
Sandor Markon (Fujitec Co. Ltd.)