GECCO 2008 Companion

Workshops Table of Contents

Workshops Preface
Marc Ebner (Workshop Chair)

Graduate Student Workshops

SSNNS - A Suite of Tools to Explore Spiking Neural Networks (Page 1787)
Heike Sichtig (Binghamton University)
J. David Schaffer (Philips Research North America)
Craig B. Laramee (Binghamton University)

Towards High Speed Multiobjective Evolutionary Optimizers (Page 1791)
A. K. M. Khaled Ahsan Talukder (The University of Melbourne)

Multiple Sequence Alignment Using a GLOCSA Guided Genetic Algorithm (Page 1795)
Edgar D. Arenas-Díaz (IIMAS - UNAM)
Helga Ochoterena-Booth (Instituto de Biología - UNAM)
Katya Rodríguez-Vázquez (IIMAS - UNAM)

Accelerating Convergence Using Rough Sets Theory for Multi-Objective Optimization Problems (Page 1799)
Luis V. Santana-Quintero (CINVESTAV-IPN)
Carlos A. Coello Coello (CINVESTAV-IPN)

How Social Structure and Institutional Order Co-evolve Beyond Instrumental Rationality (Page 1803)
Jae-Woo Kim (University of California at Riveside)

Specialization with NeuroEvolution in a Collective Behavior Task (Page 1807)
D. W. F. van Krevelen (Vrije Universiteit)

Local Dominance and Controlling Dominance Area of Solutions in Multi and Many Objectives EAs (Page 1811)
Hiroyuki Sato (Shinshu University)
Hernán E. Aguirre (Shinshu University)
Kiyoshi Tanaka (Shinshu University)

Using Holey Fitness Landscapes to Counteract Premature Convergence in Evolutionary Algorithms (Page 1815)
Gregory Paperin (Monash University)

Search-Based Test Case Generation for Object-Oriented Java Software Using Strongly-Typed Genetic Programming (Page 1819)
José Carlos Bregieiro Ribeiro (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria)

Bacterial Foraging Oriented by Particle Swarm Optimization Strategy for PID Tuning (Page 1823)
Wael Korani (University of Cairo)

Search for Human Competitive Results in Open Ended Automated Synthesis of a Primordial Mechatronic System (Page 1827)
Saheeb Ahmed Kayani (National University of Sciences and Technology)

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Undergraduate Student Workshops

Topology Optimization of Compliant Mechanism Using Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization (Page 1831)
Nikhil Padhye (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)

Interplanetary Trajectory Optimization with Swing-bys Using Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization (Page 1835)
Nikhil Padhye (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)

Agent Smith: a Real-Time Game-Playing Agent for Interactive Dynamic Games (Page 1839)
Ryan Small (University of Southern Maine)

A Study for Multi-Objective Fitness Function for Time Series Forecasting with Intelligent Techniques (Page 1843)
Aranildo R. L. Junior (Federal University of Pernambuco)

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Workshop: Advanced Research Challenges in Financial Evolutionary Computing (ARC-FEC)

Ultra High Frequency Financial Data (Page 1847)
Martin V. Sewell (University College London)
Wei Yan (University College London)

Technical Market Indicators Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithms (Page 1851)
Pablo Fernández-Blanco (CES Felipe II de Aranjuez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Diego Bodas-Sagi (CES Felipe II de Aranjuez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Francisco Soltero (CES Felipe II de Aranjuez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
J. I. Hidalgo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Non-Linear Factor Model for Asset Selection Using Multi Objective Genetic Programming (Page 1859)
Ghada Hassan (University College London)

ADANN: Automatic Design of Artificial Neural Networks (Page 1863)
Juan Peralta (University Carlos III of Madrid)
German Gutierrez (University Carlos III of Madrid)
Araceli Sanchis (University Carlos III of Madrid)

Design of Stock Trading System for Historical Market Data Using Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization of Technical Indicators (Page 1871)
Antonio C. Briza (University of the Philippines-Diliman)

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Workshop: Defense Applications of Computational Intelligence (DAC)

Applications of Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms to Air Operations Mission Planning (Page 1879)
Brad Rosenberg (Charles River Analytics, Inc.)
Marc Richards (Charles River Analytics, Inc.)
John T. Langton (Charles River Analytics, Inc.)
Sofya Tenenbaum (Charles River Analytics, Inc.)
Daniel Stouch (Charles River Analytics, Inc.)

Evolving Combat Algorithms to Control Space Ships in a 2D Space Simulation Game with Co-evolution Using Genetic Programming and Decision Trees (Page 1887)
Tiago Francisco (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal)
Gustavo Miguel Jorge dos Reis (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal)

Evolving Predator and Prey Behaviours with Co-evolution Using Genetic Programming and Decision Trees (Page 1893)
Tiago Francisco (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal)
Gustavo Miguel Jorge dos Reis (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal)

Evolving Better Satellite Image Compression and Reconstruction Transforms (Page 1901)
Brendan Babb (University of Alaska Anchorage)
Frank Moore (University of Alaska Anchorage)
Michael Peterson (Wright State University)
Gary Lamont (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base)

A Differential Evolution Algorithm for Optimizing Signal Compression and Reconstruction Transforms (Page 1907)
Frank Moore (University of Alaska Anchorage)
Brendan Babb (University of Alaska Anchorage)

Emergent Architecture in Self Organized Swarm Systems for Military Applications (Page 1913)
Dustin J. Nowak (Air Force Institute of Technology)
Gary B. Lamont (Air Force Institute of Technology)
Gilbert L. Peterson (Air Force Institute of Technology)

Metaoptimization of the In-lining Priority Function for a Compiler Targeting a Polymorphous Computing Architecture (Page 1921)
Laurence D. Merkle (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)

Automated Network Forensics (Page 1929)
Laurence D. Merkle (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)

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Workshop: Evolutionary Computation and Multi-Agent Systems and Simulation (ECoMASS)

Comparing Different Modes of Horizontal Information Transmission in Stabilizing Cooperation in Different Complex Networks (Page 1933)
Ivette C. Martínez (Universidad Simón Bolívar)
Klaus Jaffe (Universidad Simón Bolívar)

Towards Incremental Social Learning in Optimization and Multiagent Systems (Page 1939)
Marco A. Montes de Oca (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Thomas Stützle (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Infection-Based Self-Configuration in Agent Societies (Page 1945)
Norman Salazar (IIIA, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute)
Juan A. Rodriguez-Aguilar (IIIA, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute)
Josep L. Arcos (IIIA, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute)

Exploring Population Geometry and Multi-Agent Systems: A New Approach to Developing Evolutionary Techniques (Page 1953)
Camelia Chira (Babes-Bolyai University)
Anca Gog (Babes-Bolyai University)
D. Dumitrescu (Babes-Bolyai University)

Autonomous Agent Behavior Generation Using Multiobjective Evolutionary Optimization (Page 1961)
Dustin J. Nowak (Air Force Institute of Technology)
Gary B. Lamont (Air Force Institute of Technology)

An Agent-Based Collaborative Evolutionary Model for Multimodal Optimization (Page 1969)
Rodica I. Lung (Babes-Bolyai University)
Camelia Chira (Babes-Bolyai University)
D. Dumitrescu (Babes-Bolyai University)

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Workshop: Learning Classifier Systems

On the Effects of Node Duplication and Connection-Oriented Constructivism in Neural XCSF (Page 1977)
Gerard David Howard (University of the West of England)
Larry Bull (University of the West of England)

Recursive Least Squares and Quadratic Prediction in Continuous Multistep Problems (Page 1985)
Daniele Loiacono (Politecnico di Milano)
Pier Luca Lanzi (Politecnico di Milano and Illinois Genetic Algorithm Laboratory)

Supply Chain Management Sales Using XCSR (Page 1993)
Maria A. Franco (Universidad Simón Bolívar)
Ivette C. Martinez (Universidad Simón Bolívar)
Celso Gorrin (Universidad Simón Bolívar)

Adapted Pittsburgh Classifier System: Building accurate strategies in non markovian environments (Page 2001)
Gilles Énée (Université des Antilles et de la Guyane)
Mathias Peroumalnaďk (Université des Antilles et de la Guyane)

Evolving Prediction Weights Using Evolution Strategy (Page 2009)
Trung Hau Tran (IRIT-UPS-CNRS, University of Toulouse)
Cédric Sanza (IRIT-UPS-CNRS, University of Toulouse)
Yves Duthen (IRIT-UPS-CNRS, University of Toulouse)

A New Approach for Multi-label Classification Based on Default Hierarchies and Organizational Learning (Page 2017)
Rosane M. M. Vallim (Universidade de Săo Paulo)
David E. Goldberg (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
Xavier Llorŕ (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
Thyago S. P. C. Duque (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
André C. P. L. F. Carvalho (Universidade de Săo Paulo)

Towards Increasing Learning Speed and Robustness of XCSF: Experimenting With Larger Offspring Set Sizes (Page 2023)
Patrick Stalph (University of Würzburg)
Martin V. Butz (University of Würzburg)

First Approach Toward On-line Evolution of Association Rules with Learning Classifier Systems (Page 2031)
Albert Orriols-Puig (Universitat Ramon Llull)
Jorge Casillas (University of Grandada)
Ester Bernadó-Mansilla (Universitat Ramon Llull)

Learning Classifier Systems for Optimisation Problems: A Case Study on Fractal Travelling Salesman Problem (Page 2039)
Maximiliano Tabacman (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Natalio Krasnogor (University of Nottingham)
Jaume Bacardit (University of Nottingham)
Irene Loiseau (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

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Workshop: MedGEC—Medical Applications of Genetic and Evolutionary Computation

Informative Sampling for Large Unbalanced Data Sets (Page 2047)
Zhenyu Lu (University of Vermont)
Anand I. Rughani (University of Vermont)
Bruce I. Tranmer (University of Vermont)
Josh Bongard (University of Vermont)

Multiobjective Optimization of a Stent in a Fluid-Structure Context (Page 2055)
Adel Blouza (Université de Rouen)
Laurent Dumas (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)
Ibrahima M'Baye (Université de Haute-Alsace)

Analysis of Mammography Reports Using Maximum Variation Sampling (Page 2061)
Robert M. Patton (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Barbara Beckerman (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Thomas E. Potok (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Interactive Search of Rules in Medical Data Using Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms (Page 2065)
Daniela Zaharie (West University of Timisoara)

Towards an Objective Assessment of Alzheimer's Disease: The Application of a Novel Evolutionary Algorithm in the Analysis of Figure Copying Tasks (Page 2073)
Alex Hazell (The University of York)
Stephen L. Smith (The University of York)
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Workshop: Optimization by Building and Using Probabilistic Models (OBUPM)

An Information Geometry Perspective on Estimation of Distribution Algorithms: Boundary Analysis (Page 2081)
Luigi Malago (Politecnico di Milano)
Matteo Matteucci (Politecnico di Milano)
Bernardo Dal Seno (Politecnico di Milano)

A Bivariate Probabilistic Model-building Genetic Algorithm for Graph Bipartitioning (Page 2089)
Dirk Thierens (Universiteit Utrecht)